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Hello! My name is Molly McIsaac and as I'm sure you've guessed from my blog, I'm a big ol' geek. However, I defy the stereotype that this word creates in most people's minds: I am socially functional, outgoing, fashion forward, and I take good care of myself! I'm a "girly girl" who is not afraid to dress up like a wood elf and beat up boys with a foam sword or to play action figures with myself until 2am. Thus: I am the Geeky Peacock!

I'm 24 years old, and I hail from the beautiful and rainy city of Seattle, WA (but I am afflicted with perpetual wanderlust and thus travel as much as possible). I was born and raised in Alaska, attended college in Idaho, majoring in about 6 different things before I dropped out and moved to Seattle right before I turned 21. By day, I work at a computer parts company where I spend most of my time swapping cat pictures with my coworkers and lusting after shoes; by the rest of the time I am a professional writer and an internet personality. Oh yeah, and I guess there's that whole "reality TV show star" bit, as well. I have a very active twitter, where I utilize my weird funny bone (I tend to practice jokes on my twitter before I go out and use them at stand up comedy open mics!)

I am one of those people who cannot sit still, and thus I am always working on about a dozen projects. Some of my more noteable endeavors are the websites I write for, such as ifanboy.com, Ain't it Cool News, Official Cosplay Magazine, Chase Jarvis' blog, and many, MANY others. Oh yeah, and I'm on TV! How could I forget that? (tehe) I am one of the seven roommates in SyFy's geeky Jersey Shore - FANGASM!

I used to do a comedy skit duo with my one friends: Angeline Oliver. We wrote, produced, and starred in all of our own comedy skits - think Saturday Night Live, except geekier and more awkward. Check out the youtube channel here: Hey! Listen! (and make sure to subscribe!) However, I now have switched my focus to my SECOND comedy youtube channel that is solely my own (but I bring people in on things all the time), called Snake Charmers

The Geeky Peacock has its own YouTube channel! There you can find haul videos, makeup tutorials, or vlogs. 

Speaking of makeup tutorials, I'm 1/6th of a really amazing group of women called OneUpMakeup! We do geek inspired makeup tutorials that are released EVERY WEEK. 

I dabble in pin-up modeling, so if you're in the Seattle area I would love to model for you! 

I'm an incredibly outspoken feminist and speak on many panels at conventions or at colleges about feminism, especially in the geek world. I cause a lot of controversy with my views, but I am an active princess against patriarchy. I'm also a passionate advocate of anti bullying, since I was a victim of bullying as a child and I would never wish that upon ANYONE. These two social issues are constantly humbling me and re-defining me as a person, and I won't rest until I change the world.

I am exceptionally passionate about cosplay (costume play for the less informed), and spend a lot of my time thinking of costumes for upcoming conventions and dreaming up ways to make weird armor. I've been involved in some pretty huge cosplay groups at San Diego Comic-Con the last few years that made the internet rounds, including the Female Furies (as Knockout) and Steampunk DC (I was Wonder Woman).

I am madly in love with my dog. Her name is Sushi, and she is honestly the four legged love of my life. She's a 4lb, six year old pomeranian who has my heart gripped tightly in her tiny paws. My precious bebe

I have a pretty intense penchant for photography, and love photographing the world around me, capturing the way I see things through a lens. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II, my trusty camera love which has been fastened to my side for two years and counting.

I am in LOVE with all things geeky, which I'm sure you could have guessed by now. This has been a pretty perpetual state for my entire life: I've always loved fantasy novels, comic books, video games. My apartment is full of action figures, stacks of comics, teetering piles of video games, and dog eared fantasy novels. I love anime, manga, tabletop gaming, real life gaming (I LARP - Live Action Roleplay! It's ridiculously fun!), and most anything that could be considered "geeky". It's more than a hobby for me: it's a lifestyle.

That being said, I'm a fashion and beauty addict. I rent an adorable two bedroom apartment just so one of my bedrooms can be a closet. I have an absolute thrifting addiction, and spend a lot of my time at the "bins" AKA the Good Will outlet (a warehouse full of bins of crap that you have to sift through for treasures, then paying for it by the pound for ridiculously cheap). I love dresses and haven't worn pants in four or five years now. 

My style is an eclectic mix of japanese street fashion, nu goth, whimsical florals, edgy punk rock, pretty pastels, and re purposed vintage pieces.  I love huge shoes, massive amounts of jewelry, leather, studs, tie dye, leopard and snakeskin print, tattoos, smokey eyes, and ripped up tights in every color. I'm in love with Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen, vintage Chanel, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and anything deliciously quirky and Avant Garde. 

Makeup and beauty is something I am finally starting to come into my own with (I only bought my first brushes about six months ago!) My mother is a typical earthy Alaskan so she never really taught me how to wear makeup, but I am keenly interested in it. I like pale milky skin, dark smeared eye makeup, circle lenses, fake lashes, glitter, bold lips, and thick eyebrows. One of the main reasons I started getting really good at makeup was due to cosplay!

I'm OBSESSED with unicorns, and own anything and everything that has these horny equines featured on it. If you're ever wondering about what to get me as a gift, just send me something with unicorns and I will die happy.

My goal in life is to be the geeky Conan O' Brien! Basically, I want to eventually host my own comedy variety show - think Attack of the Show meets Saturday Night Live.

It's hard to talk about myself, so check back on this section frequently as I remember things about my multi faceted personality that I want to write down! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, and if you like what you see, follow me on Google Friend Connect or on BlogLovin (I would super duper appreciate it!). If you want to send me an email, click on the contact button in my Nav Bar and drop me a line! If you're looking for sponsorship or for me to review a product or host a giveaway, I'm more than happy to... just email me!

And now... FAQs!

What are your tattoos? How many do you have?
Currently, I have seven tattoos. They are: A chocobo from Final Fantasy on my right shoulder; a golden snitch from Harry Potter on my right wrist; a barn owl (half finished) on my right side; a Mandalorian skull (Boba Fett's symbol from Star Wars) on my right hip; the outline of Alaska on my left shoulder; a squid on the inside of my left arm; and finally "I want to Believe" (X-files reference) on the side of my left foot.

I want to request a makeup tutorial! How do I do this? 
Send me an e-mail with the contact button at the top of the page ^_^ I will do almost anything that is requested of me, but I particularly enjoy cosplay looks!

What's your LARPing character/group?
I LARP in a Seattle based group called Dargarth, which is half roleplay and half combat. I play a wood elf druid named Calathel, and if you have a couple of hours I will rant to you all about her insanely detailed character history. I am one of the few women in our group who isn't an archer, so I get deep in there with my dual wielded swords and beat the crap out of fellows nerdos (and walk away covered in bruises, thanks to my porcelain skin and anemia).

What's your favorite TV show/movie/video game/comic/anime/manga/book?

TV: Doctor Who, X-files, The Misfits, Sherlock, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development
Movie: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Grandma's Boy
Video Game: Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Harvest Moon, Pokemon
Comic: X-men, most indie comics, Axe Cop
Anime: Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Lucky Star
Manga: Hana Kimi
Book: Harry Potter, Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier, anything by Oscar Wilde

I want you to review a product/host a giveaway/sponsor, how can I contact you/what are your rates?
First step: send me an e-mail above. Rates depend on the person and what you are looking for. I am very flexible! 



  2. OMG love your blog! Do ya thang gurl! Seattle, WA??? Reminds me of 'Fifty Shades of Grey!' LOL.

    Peace :)


  3. hello i try t find you again on etsy cause i have lost your mail could you send me back via mail your adress to i send it an iphone case from my brand ?


  4. Hii I'm just going to comment down here to tell you that you have one of the best blog I've encountered so farr! Google suddenly recommended me while i was searching of blogs that are still operating nowadays. Oh, and I really love your outfits! Keep up the awesome work! Cheers c:


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