Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Rant: Fashion Identity Crisis

The truth is: I'm Batman

Recently I have been having what can best be described as a "style identity crisis". I have felt very uncertain and awkward in almost every coordinate I put together; unsure if I am truly expressing myself or some style I am trying to emulate. I would say that I am very susceptible to outside fashion suggestion: if I spend a lot of time looking at Harajuku street style, I want to dress like that; if I watch bad reality TV shows I want to wear tight bandage dresses and chunky bracelets; if I peruse lookbook I'm all about Peter Pan collars and printed leggings.

I find it strange that I am having this struggle with my closet lately. First of all, I own a LOT of clothes: I rent a two bedroom apartment just so I could turn one of the bedrooms into a closet. Most of it is vintage, stuff that I have scooped up at the Good Will outlet... the only thing I ever really splurge on is shoes. My closet represents every style, but a constant for me has definitely always been PINK and BLACK, the two colors I find myself consistently gravitating towards.

But the reason I find it strange is that I am at a point in my life where I am actually super certain about who I am and what I want from life. I'm more secure, self aware, and motivated than I have ever been before - so why this crisis identity with my clothing?

In a brief comment conversation with the effortlessly chic Orchid Grey, I feel like I may have worked a few things out (but it doesn't make it any EASIER for me!)

I possess duality in my personality, which is best explained by my past and upbringing. I was born and raised in a tiny, tiny town in Alaska called Soldotna, which had no more than 6,000 people. I lived at the end of a gravel dirt road, overlooking the swamp with the Kenai river and the mountains in the distance. I spent my childhood fishing, four wheeling, riding horses, respecting nature, and running amok barefoot. On top of that I was homeschooled, thus I thrust myself madly into the world of the whimsical: fantasy books, anime, comic books.

So as I matured those interests remained. My interest in fashion was ignited by Japanese Street Fashion magazines I downloaded on my 26k connection from livejournal, and I emulated that fashion all through highschool: I was either "Fruits" style or Visual Kei, depending on my mood. As I grew, I became interested in arts and culture and city living. My parents moved me to Idaho when I was a teenager, but I still experienced the agricultural world. I was an anomaly in my highly conservative and religious town with my ever changing hair and bizarre style. This was before websites like existed, and I mostly just dressed how I FELT LIKE IT... and in that teenage bliss I didn't really care what people thought about me.

Then I discovered indie music and my love of all things vintage. This resulted in floral dresses, long maxis, floppy hats. I wanted to look like I was walking out of Woodstock every day, but at times I still yearned for my crazy anime style.

Finally, when I was just shy of 21, I made the big move to Seattle - to a real city. The dreary days and the distant attitude of people isolated me, so I started wearing more and more black again. I definitely have an interest in all things "goth", and do not balk at dark lipsticks and delicate lace collars. I would say that this "goth" fashion has been a central theme to my style for my entire life - I remember smearing black lipstick all over my face at 13 in a desperate attempt to emulate Malice Mizer.

But here is the problem: Now all of those styles are jumbled up inside of me. Earthy/"mori" girl, nu-goth, Japanese street style/inspired by anime. I yearn for gentle florals and ripped up black tights simultaneously. I crave studs while wishing for rocking shoes.

And I just have no idea which direction I want to go towards.

I am certainly a fashion chameleon, but running a fashion blog or seeing the same people every day for some reason makes me feel the need to pigeon hole myself into a particular trend or style. For some reason it feels awkward or strange to dress all light and summery and airy one day while showing up rough and tumble punk rock the next.

The other struggle I am constantly facing is this: I am a curvy woman. I used to ABHOR my curves, but as I age I am starting to realize that no matter what I do they are not going away, and I can either whine about it and be miserable forever or learn how to work with it. However, this long journey to accepting my body doesn't mean that I have become careless: I know that some things don't look good at me. For example: my hips are incredibly wide, and if I wear leggings with just a t-shirt, it is exceptionally unflattering. Or the fact that despite my height of 5'10", I have quite short legs and thus wearing ankle length flat boots look ridiculously bad on me. And this PISSES ME OFF. I cannot EXPRESS to you my intense jealousy for lithe, lovely women who can wear whatever they want and look incredible in it. It adds an entirely new layer to my dressing in that I have to dress for wide hips and thick thighs (seriously - I'm built exactly like Nicki Minaj). It's ANNOYING that I can't just wear what I feel like, but that I also have to be thinking "well, will this flatter my stupidly curvacious body?"

Has anyone else ever experienced a fashion identity crisis like this? How on earth do I get over feeling like everything I wear is not me, but only a part of me?

Outfit #6: Denim and Dark

I'm battling wildly against a late summer cold (just in time for PAX!), and frantically getting everything together for the con. Making sure my camera is charged, outfits picked out (always a challenge, as comfortable shoes are rarely cute), figuring out my itinerary of afterparties, stocking up on my business cards... who else is going to PAX? I'm so excited!

Dress: Ross // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Belt: Thrifted // Jewelry: eBay // Sunnies: F21 // Purse: Thrifted // Jacket: F21

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Etsy Explosion: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an awesome TV show that's on HBO. If you haven't seen it yet, close your browser and go watch it immediately. It's based off of the fantasy epics the Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin, and they are some of the best, most comprehensive character Fantasy I have ever read. The TV show has taken the pop culture world by storm, so naturally Etsy is chock full of awesome Game of Thrones stuff. I've collected the best for you in this week's Etsy Explosion!

1. When I first saw the image of this tanktop on pinterest, I went into a total frenzy trying to find it on the internets. Naturally, I found it on Etsy, and I am chomping at the bit until I can afford to get it. It's an urban take on the Stark siblings - with Jon as an afterthought at the very bottom. I NEED THIS TANKTOP, and any other fashionable GoT fan needs one as well (they come in boy sizes, too!)
2. Display your badass side with a subtle bracelet that reads "Khaleesi".
3. Even though they are kind of dicks, I am really partial to House Greyjoy's insignia (it may have something to do with my cephalopod obsession...) This House Greyjoy banner proudly displays their tentacley insignia along with the Greyjoy's motto: "We Do Not Sow"
4. This STUPIDLY ADORABLE print reads "you're the direwolf to my Stark". AWWW.
5. I first laid eyes on this Disney inspired image of Daenerys at the Hey Geek Girl! art gallery opening, curated by my dear friend Bonnie Burton. I am more than thrilled to now see it on a super adorable, super fashionable tanktop!
6. I'm a firm believer than one can never have too many totebags (this especially rings true to me as Seattle has recently outlawed plastic grocery bags!), so why not have fashionable AND geeky tote bags? This one certainly takes the cake, as it reads "The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors", a famous line from Game of Thrones.
7. If you change iPhone cases as much as I do, you know they are an important fashion accessory. Show off your Game of Thrones love with this rad case that features the map from the Song of Fire and Ice Books.
8. This delightfully geeky but still fashionable pendant necklace reads "valar morghulis". It is based off of the coin that Jaqen gifts to Arya if she needs to call him from Braavos.

Outfit #5: PINKU!

Last night I started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign with my coworkers (plus one Daniel Byrne, whose epic blog you should check out if you like whiskey and dragons and men's fashion). I am ridiculously excited because I haven't played since college, and it sounds like our DM has an awesome run planned out for us. Not to mention that the character that I started is AWESOME. Her name is Morana Swift-tongue (because she never stops talking). She's a gray elf cleric who follows Hades on a fanatical level - think middle aged Twilight fan lusting wildly over sparkly vampires. Her back story is developing quite well - for example, when I did my "nobility" roll I only rolled a 9 (oh god), so she is poor and most of the rest of the cleric order scoffs at her because she is so ridiculously dedicated to Hades (and therefore legit crazy). Her parents were bards for the gray elf nobility, but they were beheaded in front of Morana when she was very young because they were overheard talking shit about the royal court. This was Morana's "trigger" - aka why she became so obsessed with Hades.

So she ventures around the world finding undead and banishing their souls back to hell where they belong. She truly believes that if she is loyal enough to Hades, that he will fall in love with her and appear to her. As I said: bitch be cray.

Aside from the excitement of a weekly D&D game beginning, I'm feeling like I'm getting a cold, which is a whole crock of horse shit considering PAX is starting DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Oh well, at least I get to employ my adorable pink wig today.

I'm also happy to announce that I am now a fashion blogger for this SUPER ADORABLE Korean fashion website, Coco Fashion. I absolutely cannot wait to try some of their awesome products.

Dress: H&M // Blazer: Thrifted // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Jewelry: eBay // Bowler: H&M // Sunglasses: eBay // Purse: Yard Sale // Wig: eBay

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Outfit #4: We Are All made of Star Stuff

I'm finally beginning to get in my Romwe haul. Every time I get a Romwe package in the mail at work, I have to go try it on in the bathroom and parade it around the office (this also happens with my cosplay). Considering I work with 99% men (there's only one other woman in my company of 20 something people!), I can never be sure if they appreciate it or if they are rolling their eyes at me.

I know the galaxy thing is kind of played out, but as an intense space nerd I had to get EVERYTHING GALAXY ROMWE OFFERED. Seriously. I ordered the dress, the skirt, and some galaxy leggings. I might have a problem.

Dress: c/o Romwe // Shoes: Steve Madden // Jacket: Forever 21 // Belt: Thrifted // Hat: H&M // Ring: F21 // Wig: eBay

PS: I've been overhauling my wardrobe lately, and thus I've been poking around a lot of websites. I'm particularly charmed by Jolie Moi. They have really cute street style.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, the Geeky Peacock has been around for a WHOLE WEEK now. Wahoo. This is the first blog I have actually started and actually felt excited about; after years of dipping my toe into the blogging waters, I have finally found my direction and purpose in the blogging world. YAY.

So to celebrate the fact that I have stopped being an ADD little creature: HOORAY GIVEAWAY!

Considering this blog is about two things primarily:
  1. Fashion
  2. Geekiness only seemed appropriate to marry the two in perfect marriage with this SUPER ADORABLE CAT PURSE.

I actually might have to get one for myself as well. =^_^= But for now, GOOD LUCK (meow)

The only two requirements are to add The Geeky Peacock on Google Friend Connect (it's in the right sidebar!) and follow me on twitter; after that everything else is an extra entry! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway (PS: I bought this purse off of eBay, but if you're a company/etsy seller interested in sponsoring a giveaway on my blog or giving me products to pimp/review, contact me with my contact form here)

Of Penny Arcades and Phoenixes

Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit. Why? PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is on FRIDAY. FRIDAY! With filming last week and all the other things that have been going on in my life, I barely registered this fact until this morning when my coworkers were ranting about what they need to bring to the giant LAN. I keep getting all these press emails and I haven't scheduled ANY meetings. Oh dear.

I think the current plan is just to run around with Angeline Oliver for Hey! Listen! and interview people funnily and awkwardly (if you are going to be at PAX and want to be harassed by two bubbly girls on camera, post in the comments!). And afterparties, of course. Poor liver, you're such a good trooper.

No outfit post today because I look scrubby, BUT on the topic of PAX: My Dark Phoenix bodysuit finally came, yay! JUST in the nik of time. I ordered it from Milanoo, and while I was a little wary due to intensely mixed reviews online, I am actually very pleased with the quality of it. It fits like a glove and it seems to be good quality spandex (albeit a little see through - you can make out my side tattoo through it!)

I'm really excited about wearing this cosplay because I'll be doing it with Becki and Angie - my besties. We are doing a Marvel vs Capcom group! Becki will be Sakura and Angie is going to be Poison (the hottest transvestite ever!)

Are you going to PAX? What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

Etsy Explosion: Sailor Moon

The Warrior of Handmade and Quirky: Etsy!

Today's Etsy Explosion! focuses on the classic, girly, awesome anime Sailor Moon and all of the goodies that come along with it. In the name of the moon... I will buy ALL THE THINGS!

1. Have you ever wished to rest your head against the busom of a Sailor Scout? I'm sure you have, along with a whole plethora of fanboys. Well, these pillows aren't exactly busoms, but they're the next best thing: Handmade, adorable square pillows of the Sailor Scouts! I need these throw pillows on my couch ASAP.
2. A subtle way to fashionably wear your Sailor Moon appreciation: This adorable acrylic winged heart necklace.
3. Perhaps one of the most easily recognizable symbols from Sailor Moon is the Japanese Schoolgirl Seifuku with various brooches in the middle. This t-shirt makes it so you can always use the power of love!
4. Luna and Artemis are the ever present adorable cosmic kitties from Sailor Moon, and now you can fashionably wear them on your feet with these custom made glittery flats.
5. I am such a fiend for iPhone cases. I have an entire box full and I swap them out at least once a week (it's going to be horrible when I upgrade to a new iPhone!) When I saw this delicously kawaii Decoden Sailor Moon case, I felt a little bit like a second grader on Christmas Eve. I NEED IT. And you do too.
6. Obsessed with rings? Me too. This Sailor Moon Crisis Heart ring is adorable, even if you're not a Sailor Moon fan.
7. This Sailor Moon reference is subtle but brilliant. It's a super adorable totebag with an outline of Luna on it. I'll take one, please!
8. And finally, it wouldn't be a real Etsy Explosion without at least one piece of art. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with these Mucha-esque prints of the various Sailor Scouts. NEED.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Sparkly Week, as portrayed by Instagram

My desk at work is certainly not lacking in ponies. // Neon Mani/Pedi! I went to an awesome little place called Night Light Nail Salon. They gave Angie and I paraffin wax treatments, foot and neck/face massages... it was awesome, and really affordable. // All blinged out before filming on Wednesday for a super secret project. // Lita power! With Angeline, who had her legs wrapped around me for a creep while we were sitting on the ground waiting for our ride. // Aforementioned Angie and I as we continued to wait for our ride and did a little camera whoring. // Even more Angie and Molly, posing in the bathroom mirror at the Science Fiction museum. // Decompressing after two very long days, Molly style: Wearing a Pikachu kigurumi courtesy of, eating ice cream, and watching the Inbetweeners. // Thrift score!! Nine West ankle boots for only 10 bucks at Good Will! I am in LOVE.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Outfit #3: Lady in Red

These photos are actually a little old. Okay, really old. They are from back in February when I was at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas). But I love them, and I have never blogged them so here you go!

Oh I miss my hair so much >.<

Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Black Litas
Photos by ljinto

Outfit #2: Lazy, lazy, LAZY

I spent the last two days FILMING. Filming for something super secret but super amazing. I literally did nothing but portray a caricature of my personality for two days straight. I am a pretty high energy person, but it generally comes in spurts (I am capable of being quiet at times). But for the purpose of what we were filming, I was required to be super "on" for the whole time, and thus I feel like I have used up all of my personality reserves til at least September. I woke up this morning feeling like someone had sucked me completely dry, so I dressed in what is essentially my equivalent of wearing pajamas out of the house.

Everything is thrifted except the scarf, which is from Forever21. I am so in love with the purse, which is from Worthington and I got at a thrift store in Idaho for 3 dollars when I was home visiting my parents.

The Power of a Good Scream

Yesterday my BFF Angeline and I visited the EMP/SciFi museum here in Seattle. I've been through it before, but not since the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit has been put in (there's a DALEK!!!). Unfortunately we were there on super secret business so I didn't get a chance to take any photos, but we did pause for a moment to step into the "Scream Booth", an awesome little section of the Horror exhibit.

Basically, it's a soundproof little booth that you can go to sit in. It describes how a "good scream" is essential to an iconic horror film, and then it assigns you one of two responses - fight or flight (Angeline and I initially got fight, but we decided we wanted flight). On the count of three, you SCREAM YOUR HEAD OFF (as it snaps 4 pictures in quick succession).

And hot DAMN it feels good.

Angeline and I in the Scream Booth at the SciFi museum

It got me to thinking (in my typical existentialist manner): screams feel so awesome, so liberating, but it's very socially taboo to just let out a good scream unless you have a good reason (ie being attacked). I oftentimes hear the expression "I JUST WANT TO SCREAM!!", and I'm sure we can all relate to that feeling - the welling up of emotion (be in frustration, sadness, etc) that makes us want to tap into that instinctual side of ourselves and just release an incredibly guttural long yell.

Well, excuse my french, but fuck society's constraints. Feel the need to scream? Then scream. Go to the nearest overpass and scream off of it into traffic. Drive out to the wilderness and scream until you're hoarse. Scream into a pillow. Connect to the animalistic, ancient part of you that just craves release. I promise, it's incredibly cathartic.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Etsy Explosion: Unicorns

Unless you have somehow been living under a rock (or if this is your first experience with me and the Geeky Peacock), you will know that I am perfectly obsessed with unicorns. It's probably a hold over from my youth: I always thought I saw them in the Alaskan wilderness and my parents even pretended they visited the house in the middle of the night (I would leave carrots out for my unicorn friends and my parents would make them look like they had been eaten. I definitely have them to blame for my still wild imagination).

Once, when I was around 4 years old I showed up for my riding lesson and the pony I usually rode on (his name was Topper, he was a beautiful Welsh pony) had a unicorn horn on him. I began to cry because I truly believed that I would never be able to ride such a majestic creature ever again - why would a unicorn let a human on his back? My riding instructor felt TERRIBLE - she had just wanted to make me happy!

So my unicorn fixation has been pretty lifelong. Therefore my wardrobe and apartment are entirely saturated with these horned beasts of lore. Etsy - home of all things lovely and whimsical - is a great resource for some particularly delicious unicorn goodies. Here are some of my favorites!

1. This needs to be in my closet ASAP. Unicorn Bodycon Galaxy dress? Yes. Please.
2. For all of your creepy cute serving needs, this unicorn and skull tray does not fail to deliver. 
3. We all have a unicorn inside of us, we just lack the necessary bone (cartilage?) to grow a horn. This seller has you covered with this awesome hand sculpted wearable unicorn horn. Also perfect for My Little Pony cosplay!
4. I am a big fan of the "Keep Calm" art craze (my business cards say "Keep Calm and Molly McIsaac"... and they have a unicorn on them!) and I would happily display this unicorn variant somewhere that I wanted a bright pop of pink.
5. Small, simple, feminine, and affordable: I like everything about these delicate pink unicorn earrings.
6. Chunky bracelets and neon colors are super trendy right now, and what better way to make them even MORE irresistible than by adding a unicorn?
7.  Ah, if only I had the funds to have the skull of a real live unicorn hanging out on my wall.
8. This Cameo necklace is deliciously gothy. I'd love to pair it with a black bodycon dress and printed tights. It's a statement piece in and of itself.
9. This may be one of the most blogosphere hipster things in the world (unicorns AND galaxies?!) and therefore, IT NEEDS TO BE ON MY WALL. Unicorns are made of stardust and little girl dreams, anyway.
10. This huge, amazing, designer unicorn ring doubles as a weapon AND a fashion accessory! What more could you want than a majestic horned horse protecting you from back alley creeps?
11. One can never have enough tote bags. Or unicorns.
12. This vintage unicorn necklace is beautifully simple. I love the pop of blue!
13. I own so much art. I'm addicted to it. My walls look like an artist's alley at a convention threw up all over them. I am constantly searching for more frames because I NEVER SEEM TO HAVE ENOUGH. There is an art portfolio under my bed full to bursting of art I have accumulated over the years. Nevertheless, I continue to indulge, and naturally I have an entire wall of unicorn art gallery. This print would make a lovely addition to that art cluster.
14. This idea is AWESOME! It's an old Breyer model horse (one of the unicorn models) painted with chalkboard paint. I like this way better than a plain whiteboard to take notes on! It would be pretty easy to make, but if you have some extra money laying around go help out this lovely Etsy seller.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Geeks can be Pretty, too: A rant on entitlement and bullying.

Hi. Hello. Hey.
My name is Molly McIsaac. I take showers every day. I own enough makeup to open my own Sephora. I wake up hours before work to coordinate a cute outfit, do my hair, and make my eye makeup just so. I wear high heels almost every day, oftentimes boosting my already staggering height of 5'10" to a ridiculous level. I try to work out every day (though I have a weakness for cookies). I wear dresses pretty much constantly (sometimes they are really tight and show off my voluptuous ass - GASP!). And do you know what? I am a huge geek.

Earlier today, Anon left this comment on one of my blog posts:

Now, I have been around the internet block, so to say. I've been writing articles for comic book and video game websites coming up on five years now (and getting paid to do it for three). I get a LOT of hate for my opinions, and for that reason I have developed a fairly thick skin. Very few things set me off, because I know that's what the faceless masses want (after all, who doesn't like to sit back and witness some internet drama?) But this comment really hit home for me. It really struck a chord in me. So I ranted about it on twitter, and now I'm ranting about it on here, because I have some things that I need to say. 

There has been a LOT of talk and controversy around the internet lately about geek entitlement. Accusing attractive women of "pandering" . Geeks acting like they're some sort of little exclusive club where they judge other geeks and have a "holier than thou" attitude. Personally, I feel the topic has been talked about to death, but yet here I am.

Back to the comment. Are you SERIOUS? The wording ITSELF oozes cliquishness and exclusivity. "As a geek girl..." somehow implying that DESPITE THE FACT I RUN A BLOG CALLED THE GEEKY PEACOCK, THAT I SPEAK ON PANELS AT CONVENTIONS, THAT I AM A RESPECTED PUNDIT IN THE GEEK COMMUNITY - That I am NOT A GEEK? Okay. And then... "clearly know nothing about our style." Our style. OUR style. I'm sorry, but since when has geek had a dress code? Because I like to wear high heels and lipstick, I must not be a geek? Because I don't wear ill fitting jeans and baggy Doctor Who t-shirts, keep my hair parted down the middle with a low ponytail, I am NOT A GEEK?

There is so much bitterness in this community. And you know what? I get it. I really do. Being a geek is not some great epiphany I have come to in adulthood, once I had learned to dress myself and boys gave me second glances. I struggled through it as an adolescent just like you poor souls did. I was into video games and comic books beginning in elementary school. I was homeschooled and sheltered in Alaska, with most of my social interaction taking place solely on Javascript Pokemon Chat rooms and Everquest (on my dial up connection!). Once my family moved us to Idaho in my awkward early teen years, they thrust me into public school for the first time - And I was mercilessly picked on.

At times, when I describe my bullying to others, I trivialize it. "Oh, I totally brought it upon myself. After all, I wore elf ears and LARPed on the Football field." But it wasn't okay, and while I may have brought it upon myself, there is no excuse for this behavior. I was chubby and awkward. I dressed weird. I went home crying almost every day because the other kids were downright CRUEL to me. There was a game called "how fast can we make Molly cry?", where the "popular" kids would do just that: pick at me until I cried. I was miserable. I came home every day sobbing. One girl told me I should kill myself, and you know what? I almost did. I wrote suicide letters. I didn't feel like I deserved to exist.

But then I realized something: I didn't want those people to win. I wanted to thrive in life. I wanted to prove to them that the pain they had put me through did nothing but succeed in making me a better and stronger person. I woke up one day with a renewed vigor for life, and thus my transformation from chubby awkward geek girl to long, lithe, pretty, motivated geek girl began. I have not changed. I am still the girl who LARPs on the Football field (no, I really do). But now the kids who used to bully me in highschool are sending me apology messages on Facebook, because I am no longer a victim. I took the wrong doings that were used against me and I turned them in my favor.

So, that being said: A lot of people responding to me on twitter said I am oftentimes greeted with hostility because since I am an attractive woman I remind victimized geeks of the bullying they went through. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT THIS IS A COP OUT. Judging and attacking your fellow geeks for not loving shared interests the way you think they should be loved makes you just as bad as the kids who gave you wedgies in highschool. You are becoming what you despise - is that really what you want?

This isn't just about fashion. This is about an entire mindset that this community seems to have. Now that "geek is chic" and further perpetuated by the media, people who consider themselves "real" geeks are lashing out, trying to keep their little community special and exclusive. Yeah, we suffered for our passions for a long time, but now that they are becoming mainstream, shouldn't we be happy rather than pissed off? It means there is a broader range of people who we can talk to - it means we can make lucrative careers from the things we love instead of doing it in our spare time. It means good TV shows are less likely to get canceled. It means amazing comic books are being made into equally as epic movies. It means more merchandise for us to decorate our apartments with. It means new and unique views. It means you can help others love what you love - and you should be SO HAPPY that your children are not going to be bullied in the same way you were for loving comic books.

So here's my suggestion: stop being a victim. Rise to the occasion. Stop acting childish and immature and looking at other people as OTHER PEOPLE rather than threats to your SUPER SECRET CLUB OMGZ.

I'm going to continue dressing well, and I'm going to continue being a geek. Fashion and attractiveness does not equal a bad person. Bathing irregularly and wearing your favorite holey Flash t-shirt from 12th grade doesn't immediately brand you as a geek - it immediately brands you as a slob who doesn't take care of themselves. You can DRESS WELL, LOOK NICE, BATHE EVERY DAY, COMB YOUR HAIR, and STILL BE A GEEK. There is no "look", no "guidelines" for loving what we love. We are an eclectic group of interesting, intelligent human beings - so why are we acting like children whose club house is being invaded by pretty girls (ewww cooties)?

I have a lot more to say, but I don't want this to become directionless. Please stop and think next time you're about to knee jerk judge a fellow human - and that goes for ANYONE, not just geeks that don't measure up to your personal, twisted standards.

Dorky Dress Up: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

For unicorns and pegasi, the ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have some killer style. What with the pony galas and fashion shows... in this week's edition of Dorky Dress Up, here's some super fashionable outfits inspired by the MANE ponies of this fantastic cartoon.

1. Otto Asymmetric Dress from Harvey Nichols
2. Steve Madden XCess Wedges
3. Animal Rings from Topshop
1. Cupcake Necklace from Sweet & Co.
2. Pink Fit and Flare Dress from Glamorous
3. Fuchsia Lace Up Suedette Boots from BooHoo


Have any suggestions of Dorky Dress Ups for the future? Let me know in the comments!

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