Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aki-con 2013: Snapshots

I'm going to admit something here: Sometimes I'm not as strong as I make myself out to be on the internet. Sure, I'm strong, and I have a thick skin, but over the course of Fangasm being on TV and all of the hatred I received there were some moments where I just wanted to hide under my blankets and cry. I had kind of isolated myself from all of my friends because I've been so busy lately, so I was living on the internet and despite myself I was falling prey to some of the cruelty that has been thrown my way for being an outspoken feminist on television.

Aki-con is a small convention here in Seattle, down at a hotel in Seatac. This year they were kind enough to invite me as a guest, so I did a lot of signings and Q&As. I got a hotel room with some of my closest Seattle friends and the entire thing was just so, so good for my soul. I went from feeling lonely and sad to feeling completely fulfilled and happy.

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by strong, outspoken, brilliant women who aren't catty and are a great support network for one another. I feel like sometimes I forget that I have that and start feeling sorry for myself, and this weekend reminded me to suck it up and be super thankful for what I have. It's amazing what good company, good conversation, and an overload of geekiness can do for a girl!

I also made some great new friends, like that brunette babe covered in geeky ink in the above photographs. She's an extremely talented cosplayer known as Feoranna. She and I are getting married, just fyi. And I also spent some time with amazing voice actor David Vincent, who is a truly genuine individual and gave me some really good advice on my career.

Basically, Aki-con was everything I needed... and now I'm super energized and ready for Stan Lee's Comikaze next week where I get to re-unite with all of the Fangasm crew since we filmed our promos back in July! YAY!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cosplay: Steampunk Wonder Woman

This cosplay was an absolute labor of love and the collective effort of myself and some wonderful friends. I knew I wanted to completely overhaul my Steampunk Wonder Woman from last year's DC Steampunk Group, but had no idea how to pull it off. Luckily, I have incredible friends.

First, my friend Chelsea designed the concept for me while we were riding in the back of a car on the way back from a convention. Then, I asked my dear, talented friend Niall to make me a corset. He put his own spin on it with the chain maille, created by his incredible lady friend Angela. The leggings, boots, and jacket were bought and then altered by myself and my dear, dear friend Becki.

The JACKET was an INSANE find. I initially wanted a blue duster, but we were running through Good Will with 3 days until SDCC and I found this incredible red leather duster for SEVEN DOLLARS. Becki painted it for me, and I sewed on new buttons and D rings and put stars along the hood.

We sewed the stars onto the side of the leggings, and I cut up old belts and put them on the bottom of the boots after I painted them. The bracers and crown were also created by the amazing team of Niall and Angela.

The entire costume was down to the wire. I actually had Niall and Angela overnight the corset to me in San Diego, and when I opened it I nearly weapt. It weighs about 15lbs and is one of the most beautiful (albeit uncomfortable) things I own.

The above photos are by Debshots; the ones below are by ljinto  (Thanks, guys!!)

I'm ridiculously proud of this cosplay and I cannot thank those involved enough!

Convention Style: Darth Vader [Aki-con 2013]

Darth Vader Dress: Her Universe // Boots: Thrifted (Steve Madden) // Belt: Gift from old roommate // Jacket: Love Culture // Headband: eBay // Darth Vader Ring: Gift from Arsenica Accoutrement // Boba Fett/Hello Kitty necklace: Gift // Wig: eBay

So, Aki-con was this past weekend and while I only took photos of TWO of my outfits, I'm still trying to keep up with this series! I promise after next week when things die down I'll be back to documenting my daily looks, ahh!

I haven't had time or the funds to do any cosplay lately, so I've been trying to find fun ways to spruce up my geeky clothing at cons to be kind of cosplay. I am so obsessed with this dress that I got from Her Universe at San Diego Comic-con this year (well, I pretty much love EVERYTHING Her Universe), but it was too short on me since I'm 5'10". I added a fluffy tulle skirt underneath and it made it so cute that I formed an entire Gothic Lolita inspired look around it!

The ring is one of the most amazing things ever. It was a gift from a fan of Fangasm named Pattie, and she made one for me, Regina, and Kristin! So we all have matching ones. I love it!! I want a million more of her jewelry! Here's her Etsy Shop.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cosplay: Julia from Cowboy Bebop

Character: Julia
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Cosplayer: Me! (Molly McIsaac)
Photographer: DebShots

This is one of my favorite costumes, despite its simplicity. Cowboy Bebop is one of my top ten favorite anime, and Julia is just such a sexy badass in her black leather and stacked boots. Now I just need to find a Spike to make out with...

Monday, October 21, 2013

NYCC 2013: Snapshots

These are the peeks into my life during my time at New York Comic-con 2013 last week. It was full of booze, friends, love, and singing souls. I cannot express how much I needed this weekend - to explore New York City, to meet amazing people who filled my heart with hopefulness, to surround myself with all that I love and forget the negativity and loneliness that at times pervades my life. I don't really know what I would do without my geeky family.

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