Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey! Listen!: Hipsters Love Cutouts

One of my favorite characters to play for Hey! Listen! (my sketch comedy YouTube channel that I do with Angeline Oliver) is Isadora, the apathetic about everything sweater and feathers clad hipster. She and her bestie Jolene drift through life on their trust funds, being pretentious about everything and wistfully dreaming about dating a bearded folk singer.

These characters are re-occuring, and Angie and I have a laundry list of "Hipsters Love..." sketches. It's a mock documentary: poor documentarians are following around Jolene and Isadora in an attempt to understand this odd subculture/fashion movement/lifestyle choice. Mostly they just get directed disdain.

Watch our newest installment of Hipsters Love...:

Outfit #51: The Caped [Fashion] Crusader

Vintage Cape: Thrifted // Cowboy Boots: Thrifted // Rings: Forever21 and eBay

I got both this amazing vintage cape and boots in Idaho. As I've said before: best thrifting ever there. I just need to go on pilgrimages there to thrift...

I leave to Denver, CO at around 4am in the morning tomorrow! I have a meeting tonight about the Emerald City Comic-con live art event AND a writing deadline for ifanboy, PLUS I'm not packed, so I doubt I will be getting any sleep before we have to be at the airport. Hooray!

I'm in a bit of a mood because of this tremendously horrible example of slut shaming by an industry professional, as brought to our attention by the Mary Sue.  I am an outspoken voice of feminism in the geek world not because I enjoy it, but because of things like this. But the fact that this horrible misogyny continues to crop up ALL THE TIME just entirely deflates me and makes me wish I didn't care so much. Putting so much energy into being angry all the time exhausts me.

Sigh. Guess we all just have to keep on fighting the good fight.

In more exciting news, Romwe is having a pretty rad giveaway right now where they give "Christmas Packages" away to a TON OF PEOPLE. You should probably enter here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY: Game of Thrones Quote Painting

This project was a ridiculous amount of fun to execute, and I am here to educate you on this very easy but very rewarding art process!

What You'll Need:

  • 1 Canvas or old painting from a thrift store
  • 1 Pack of vinyl letters (mine are from Amazon, here. The size depends on the size of your canvas. Also I used Helvetica, because hipsters)
  • Paint!
  • A quote or song lyric. Something awesome, obviously.

1) First, get a canvas or an old painting at a thrift store. I forgot to take photos of this painting before we threw paint on it, but it was this horrible modern painting I found at the Goodwill Outlet and brought home for $3. In the past I have used old landscapes for this process, but this painting was honestly so hideous I didn't want it showing through. So Dan and I painted our own little abstract nonsense (each of us took one side of the canvas). You don't have to do this step, but it adds a little more personal-ness to it!

2) If you decided to paint on the canvas, wait for the paint to dry. Then, cut your letters out and set them down on the canvas in the order you'd like. Once you're certain you are ready to make this commitment, SLAP THOSE LETTERS DOWN. I was a little timid about pressing too hard ("what if they pull the paint up?") but don't even worry about it. Get them down on there hard or paint is going to try and creep underneath them like a dick.

3) Letter stickers properly adhered? GOOD. Squirt some paint down on that bad boy (in whatever color your little heart desires!) and spread it around. Don't be shy. Get it as thick or as thin as you'd like. Mix colors. GO WILD!

4) Go have a few glasses of wine while you wait for the paint to dry. This will considerably heighten your glee when you see the finished product. Finished your bottle? Good. Next step!

5) Make sure the paint is dry, and then TEAR UP THE STICKERS. I keep mine for future use, so if that's your thing stick them back on the backing. Otherwise, throw them away and stare in awe upon your sexy new arts. Don't you feel crafty? You might be able to try knitting or quilting or getting married next!

6) Hang up your new arts and/or gift it to someone you love/hate (depending on the outcome). Drink another bottle of wine while you revel at your handiwork.


This bad boy is now hanging above the bed, reminding us every night to be FUCKING TERRIFIED before we go to sleep.

Outfit #50: Cozy Florals

Skirt: Thrifted // Top: Thrifted // Clogs: Ross // Hat: Thrifted // Scarf: Thrifted // Sunglasses: eBay

I guess a lot of readers don't know that the hair in most of my outfit photos is a wig. It's because I chopped all of my hair off on a whim this summer and I HATE. IT. I have been super insecure about it, thus I wear a wig that looks like my old hair very often. However, last night I cut blunt bangs into my real hair after not touching it for a few months and it makes me happy. After some more touch ups (I'm going to razor the ends of my hair tonight to make it more choppy), you might actually start seeing my real hair again! Though I'm mostly letting it grow out long again. I am just a long hair sort of girl.

I am all about maxi skirts and dresses in the winter time. It's like wearing a fashionable blanket! I think I might actually take this outfit with me to Colorado later this week - it's incredibly cozy.

Isn't it strange how your style changes when you travel? Does that happen for anyone else? Last night I was putting together outfits for Colorado, and I found myself packing a lot of boho inspired pieces - florals, shearling jackets, lots of browns. As opposed to my usual black and grey palette, it's obvious I am inspired by the bohemian lifestyle of Colorado.  It makes me wonder how much of my style is actually dictated by where I live.

I've gotten deeply back into again. If you've never used it, you should go check it out! It's a postcard swapping website that pairs you up with people all over the world. I used to be SUPER OBSESSED with it, but I stopped abruptly because postage is expensive (I have an entire vintage suitcase full of postcards, though!). But now I can afford stamps again, so away I go!

I've always collected postcards - I LOVE mail. If anyone would like to send me postcards or swap postcards with me, let me know! It would make me absurdly happy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Outfit #49: Bonafide Hustler

Floral Bodycon Dress: H&M (Thrifted) // Fluffy Jacket: Ross // Shoes c/o Ami Club Wear // Cross Necklace: eBay

I had a LOT of fun doing these shots. Dan and I were just kind of frakkin' around, but I decided I looked like a hoochie mama so we went to the abandoned lot next to the apartment and took some grungy photos of me. Definitely way more photoshooty than most of my outfit of the day pics - if I had more time, I'd love to do more like this. After all, I used to model ALL THE TIME, even though I've gained a lot of weight I still like to rock it in front of the lens.

I'm a brave woman for putting my foot on that mattress, even though it was shoe clad. A homeless dude was sleeping on it all summer, and I witnessed him pissing himself on multiple occasions when I checked to make sure he wasn't dead.  I live in a pretty nice, secure neighborhood, but the homeless people here are TERRIFYING. If homeless people in downtown Seattle/capitol hill are goblins, these ones are orcs. Because I live in the 'burbs, there's really not a lot of a reason for them to be here, so it just means that they are here because they are too mentally fuckered up to go anywhere else where the pickings are better. It's a bit sad, really. But I have less sympathy for them when they are screaming in a drug haze for hours at 3am.

My Thanksgiving/holiday weekend was awesome. My darling friend Liz Leo (of OneUpMakeup fame!) invited me to her family's house since I was a Thanksgiving orphan, and I had a great time. We gorged ourselves on food and wine and watched RuPaul's Drag Race.

I slept a LOT this weekend, haha. It was a nice break from constantly doing things.

Thursday I am going to Denver, CO with Daniel to see his mother for the holidays! I'm excited; Colorado is one of the few states I have never visited.

How was everyone's weekends?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey! Listen!: A PSA on "Fake Geek Girls"

So Angeline Oliver and I got really sick of all of this "fake geek girl" controversy that has been all up on the internet lately, so we made a video. Featuring Kyle Stevens of geek rock band Kirby Krackle!

Let me know what you think! We worked hard on it.

Outfit #48: Don't Kill My Vibe

Dress: Vintage (Thrifted) // Shoes c/o Blowfish // Belt: // Jewelry: eBay // Necklace c/o RUBY

Quick outfit post today. The internet is making me grumpy, so I am not really in the mood to write very much (people are assholes, the end).

I got this dress years ago at a thrift store in Idaho. The only thing I miss about Idaho is the thrifting, haha! There was always such amazing finds because no one there had any fashion sense, so I could come away with about 15 incredible vintage dresses/skirts/tops in one trip. I know when I go home for Christmas I will be thrifting like a madwoman.

I'm going to my friend Liz's family's place for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I'm quite excited. Thanksgiving with my family was always a small affair, so I've never experienced the massive potluck/party style version of the holiday. Interested to see how different it is!

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OneUpMakeup: Zombie Makeup Tutorial!

Two posts in one day - aren't you lucky little unicorns! I'm really excited for this one - I have my first makeup tutorial up with OneUpMakeup... and in it I make Tara (The Geeky Hostess - GO TO HER BLOG RIGHT NOW!) into a brain hungry zombie!

Zombie makeup is something I completely self taught myself and a skill I have honed over the years through a lot of trial, error, and zombie walks. I am very non traditional in my zombie makeup application, as I kind of do whatever I feel like, and I use a lot of eyeshadow rather than actual stage makeup. I go all animal crazy with my fingers! Here's three different zombies I did for the Red White and Dead Zombie walk this year here in Seattle - yes, one of them is me:

As you can see, I experiment with colors even when I am doing conveyer belt zombie makeup!I find it really fun and rewarding and I love fucking up people's faces with liquid latex and toilet paper, tehe. ANYWAY, so when the ladies of OneUpMakeup suggested we do a zombie makeup tutorial, I was on that shiz like white on rice. See it below!

What about you, unicorns? Do you have experience with zombie makeup? How did you fare?

Outfit #47: Back to Black

Dress c/o Romwe // Boots c/o Blowfish // Belt: eBay // Raw Stone Necklace c/o RUBY // Rings: eBay // Hat: H&M

There's finally been enough of a break in the weather that I was able to snap a few outfit pics - wahoo! Yesterday the downpour was TORRENTIAL. I honestly have never seen rain like that in my three years in Seattle - I thought the entire city was going to drown. I also learned that apparently it's a common thing for people in Seattle to own pumps, so when it DOES rain like that they can pump off the flooding. The more you know!

Two things that have never wavered from my personal style are black and asymmetric things. The fact that this dress is both had me panting over my keyboard until I was certain it was mine. It also fits amazingly well for a free size dress!

Also, these boots from Blowfish have not left my feet since I got them last week. They are honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I own - more comfortable than a pair of flat boots. I love them SO. MUCH.

My weekend was absolutely bonkers insane. I cleaned the apartment Saturday, did a bunch of photos for the blog, filmed FOUR videos for OneUpMakeup with the ladies. Then on Sunday Angeline and I had a full day shoot for Hey! Listen!, where we filmed two whole comedy sketches (you'll be seeing them soon!) All in all, it was productive and I feel good about it.

However, I caught a bit of a cold, so tonight I'm making pumpkin pie and playing Kingdoms of Amular until I pass out. I'M SO HARDCORE.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Outfit #46: Meh

Leopard Shirt: Thrifted // Vest c/o Oasap // Skirt: Forever21 // Necklaces c/o RUBY // Boots c/o Naughty Monkey // Purse: Just Fabulous // All other Jewelry: eBay

This outfit is actually from sometime last week, and I've been debating whether or not to post it because I don't like the photos. I have dark circles under my eyes and I don't like the way I look with my hair pulled back. But considering I have been too frazzled to take any outfit pics as of yet this week, here you go.

I've been endlessly working on projects as of late, attempting to fill as much of my free time as possible. I really don't feel good about myself unless I am crazily busy and churning out content in my many broad interests and passions. I've been working on a new activist website, planning my cosplay for 2013, filming a ton of stuff for YouTube, writing articles for a billion different websites, fixing up my house, etc etc.

Tomorrow night I am going with the ladies of OneUpMakeup to get wasted and then see Breaking Dawn Part 2, in order to laugh at it until we cry. Prepare thine-selves for a snarky write up of this glorious steaming pile of horse shit.

Til next time, my unicorns!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Cosplay Appreciation Day!

As many of you know, I have been cosplaying for years, only recently getting into it in a big way. It's apparently Cosplay Appreciation day today, so I figured I would share some of my favorite costumes from over the years! There's several that I haven't done photoshoots with yet... but those are coming! And I have MASSIVE plans for 2013 - it will be my biggest cosplay year yet!

Knockout from the Female Furies

Femme 11th Doctor

Android 18 from Dragonball Z

Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden

Zombie Red Shirt from Star Trek

Rowena Ravenclaw with all Femme House Founder Group (Harry Potter)

Photo Finish from My Little Pony

Black Widow from the Avengers

Steampunk Wonder Woman

Dark Phoenix Can't Handle her own Brightness

Dark Phoenix from X-men

Julia from Cowboy Bebop

What about you guys? I'd love to see your favorite cosplays! (Of yourself or other cosplayers!)
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