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Want to partner with the Geeky Peacock? Yay! You've found yourself on the page where you can accomplish ALL OF YOUR DREAMS. ~*~sparkly unicorns and glitter~*~ The Geeky Peacock is my home on the internet, so the companies and brands that I post about have to represent me and my readers. I have a very eclectic mix with my readership! Geeky, fashionable women who are here for fashion and beauty tips, and fans of me and my work who are here to see my cosplay, tidbits about my TV show on SyFy channel, and other geeky endeavors. Suffice to say that above all else, my blog is GEEK FRIENDLY - but I'm also design, fashion and beauty oriented! Certainly a unique, untapped demographic for many companies.

The Geeky Peacock has been around for less than a year and is already averaging roughly 1k views a day. I have a passion for blogging about geek culture, fashion, beauty, cocktails and mixology, life and adventures, lovely design, cosplay, conventions, video games, comic books, anime, manga, toys, pets - all with a geeky edge.

- 30,000+ average monthly pageviews
- 1,000+ average daily pageviews
- 359 subscribers via google friend connect
- 248 subscribers via bloglovin'
- 100s of subscribers via rss and other subscription services
(updated 12/13/13)
Personal Facebook: 300+ Subscribers (it's only been open for 2 months)
FB Fan Page: 3000k+ likes
Twitter: 11k+ followers
Pinterest: 1291+ followers
Instagram: 3600+ followers
Lookbook: 850+ fans
Chictopia: 130+ followers
Polyvore: 850+ followers
Klout Score: 65


I like to style your items in my outfit posts! I also do makeup tutorials, show my home, and make posts about mixology, tech and cosplay. If you'd like to send me an item that would fit well into any of these categories, send me an email at

I run giveaways every Friday. I use Rafflecoptor and Giveaways run for a week. I charge $15 for a Giveaway, and the item(s) or credit must be applicable to something that would do well on my blog. Please email me if you'd like to organize a Giveaway.


There are three sizes available. You can purchase one to two months at a time - the longer you purchase for, the more the cost of your ad is discounted. I charge $75 per month for the large ad, $50 per month for the medium, and $30 per month for the small. Your ad can go up at any point during the month, and will run for exactly 30 days. I will e-mail you to see if you would like to renew. E-mail me at with questions or if you'd like to purchase an ad in the sidebar.


Occasionally, if I feel passionate about your brand/website/cause, I will write a SPONSORED POST FOR YOU IN MY OWN WORDS. Prices for this vary depending on how many words and how much social media engagement you would like. For more info on this, please e-mail me.

I reserve the right to refuse to run your ad if I do not believe in your brand or feel your content does not represent The Geeky Peacock well.

If you send me an item to review or style, allow me 1-2 weeks to make a post involving it.

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