Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Etsy Explosion: Unicorns

Unless you have somehow been living under a rock (or if this is your first experience with me and the Geeky Peacock), you will know that I am perfectly obsessed with unicorns. It's probably a hold over from my youth: I always thought I saw them in the Alaskan wilderness and my parents even pretended they visited the house in the middle of the night (I would leave carrots out for my unicorn friends and my parents would make them look like they had been eaten. I definitely have them to blame for my still wild imagination).

Once, when I was around 4 years old I showed up for my riding lesson and the pony I usually rode on (his name was Topper, he was a beautiful Welsh pony) had a unicorn horn on him. I began to cry because I truly believed that I would never be able to ride such a majestic creature ever again - why would a unicorn let a human on his back? My riding instructor felt TERRIBLE - she had just wanted to make me happy!

So my unicorn fixation has been pretty lifelong. Therefore my wardrobe and apartment are entirely saturated with these horned beasts of lore. Etsy - home of all things lovely and whimsical - is a great resource for some particularly delicious unicorn goodies. Here are some of my favorites!

1. This needs to be in my closet ASAP. Unicorn Bodycon Galaxy dress? Yes. Please.
2. For all of your creepy cute serving needs, this unicorn and skull tray does not fail to deliver. 
3. We all have a unicorn inside of us, we just lack the necessary bone (cartilage?) to grow a horn. This seller has you covered with this awesome hand sculpted wearable unicorn horn. Also perfect for My Little Pony cosplay!
4. I am a big fan of the "Keep Calm" art craze (my business cards say "Keep Calm and Molly McIsaac"... and they have a unicorn on them!) and I would happily display this unicorn variant somewhere that I wanted a bright pop of pink.
5. Small, simple, feminine, and affordable: I like everything about these delicate pink unicorn earrings.
6. Chunky bracelets and neon colors are super trendy right now, and what better way to make them even MORE irresistible than by adding a unicorn?
7.  Ah, if only I had the funds to have the skull of a real live unicorn hanging out on my wall.
8. This Cameo necklace is deliciously gothy. I'd love to pair it with a black bodycon dress and printed tights. It's a statement piece in and of itself.
9. This may be one of the most blogosphere hipster things in the world (unicorns AND galaxies?!) and therefore, IT NEEDS TO BE ON MY WALL. Unicorns are made of stardust and little girl dreams, anyway.
10. This huge, amazing, designer unicorn ring doubles as a weapon AND a fashion accessory! What more could you want than a majestic horned horse protecting you from back alley creeps?
11. One can never have enough tote bags. Or unicorns.
12. This vintage unicorn necklace is beautifully simple. I love the pop of blue!
13. I own so much art. I'm addicted to it. My walls look like an artist's alley at a convention threw up all over them. I am constantly searching for more frames because I NEVER SEEM TO HAVE ENOUGH. There is an art portfolio under my bed full to bursting of art I have accumulated over the years. Nevertheless, I continue to indulge, and naturally I have an entire wall of unicorn art gallery. This print would make a lovely addition to that art cluster.
14. This idea is AWESOME! It's an old Breyer model horse (one of the unicorn models) painted with chalkboard paint. I like this way better than a plain whiteboard to take notes on! It would be pretty easy to make, but if you have some extra money laying around go help out this lovely Etsy seller.


  1. Freaking love these finds! Especially that last one... I'd love a chalkboard unicorn *__* Thanks so much for featuring my print!

  2. LOVE this!! Nice to see so many of us still share this childhood obsession. :) I think I need the goth unicorn cameo...


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