Friday, August 24, 2012

Outfit #2: Lazy, lazy, LAZY

I spent the last two days FILMING. Filming for something super secret but super amazing. I literally did nothing but portray a caricature of my personality for two days straight. I am a pretty high energy person, but it generally comes in spurts (I am capable of being quiet at times). But for the purpose of what we were filming, I was required to be super "on" for the whole time, and thus I feel like I have used up all of my personality reserves til at least September. I woke up this morning feeling like someone had sucked me completely dry, so I dressed in what is essentially my equivalent of wearing pajamas out of the house.

Everything is thrifted except the scarf, which is from Forever21. I am so in love with the purse, which is from Worthington and I got at a thrift store in Idaho for 3 dollars when I was home visiting my parents.


  1. I'm so depressed that your version of going out in PJs is still really really cute. Damn you, woman! And that bag is amazing, love the quilting! Can't wait to find out what you were filming for; I bet you rocked the shit out of it. Are you moving to LA to become famous yet, or what?

    1. I KNOW, I have a hard time using other bags when I own something so cute. I love how structured it is (it never changes shape!)

      I'm trying to move to LA, but it's spensive! I am happily trudging along in Seattle until then.


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