Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Sparkly Week, as Portrayed by Instagram #2

The incredible tote bag I received courtesy of Whimsy Bags. I can't wait to wear it in an outfit post this week!! // Daniel brought me this tiny horse the other morning - he found him abandoned on the mean streets of Seattle, and knew I would give him a good home. I was hungover and it brightened my morning. I named him Oscar Wild - hardy har, get it? // Apparently there's Little Twin Stars perfume. I found it at the Good Will... I really wanted it, but it smelled quite terrible. // Sushi is very sleepy. She is also very cute when she sleeps. // Sushi made a friend!! His name was Harley Davidson. He gave her face kisses! She is channeling very much durp here. // My friend Mandy scored me this awesome unicorn wallet. I'm very excited. // I love Seattle <3 // Graffiti in the women's restroom at AFK Tavern.


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