Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GIVEAWAY: $40 in Credit for NERD ALERT!

I was browsing Etsy not too long ago and fell exceptionally, madly, and quickly in love with this adorable little clothing company called Nerd Alert. It's run by a one woman show, the exceptionally talented Rachel Bradford from Florida... and she MAKES FASHIONABLE GEEKY CLOTHES.

As a geek fashionista, I could feel my heart stop. It's so hard to combine fashion and geekiness, and somehow this goddess has done it. She has done it! And that's why I am SO EXCITED to announce this week's giveaway: $40.00 in store credit for Nerd Alert! That's enough to buy yourself one of her adorable geeky skirts!

If I were to win (which obviously I'm not going to be able to, as this is my giveaway, but if I were...!) I would probably spend my credit on this adorable Loki skirt:

Enter this amazing giveaway below with the Rafflecoptor form! This runaway will run exactly one week from today, until September 19th. And while you wait to see if you won, go check out Nerd Alert on Etsy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. amazing!
    wanna follow each other?
    uuum..yes no?

  2. Replies
    1. Oh! I'd pick the one of a kind Avengers photo real skirt. :D

  3. Oh my gosh, the Wonder Woman apron is to die for! I'd be between that or a TARDIS skirt.

  4. I would use my credit for this:
    Love it!

  5. I love the wonder woman apron! x

  6. I love this one or this one But the most amazing thing would be to have a skirt done acording to my preferences *________*

  7. If I won, I would get this:
    It was hard to choose, but I looooove Buffy and have exactly one article of Buffy clothing. I must haz!

  8. You had me at 'Avengers' <3 LOKI SKIRT!

  9. This is a wonderful idea! Oh to pick just one...not sure to be honest as I truly love about 10 designs. I'm just excited to enter. :)

  10. I would get the hulk skirt :)

  11. Done :3 Wish me luck (and to be fair, I wish luck to everyone ^^)
    xxx Lara

  12. It'd have to be the Batman skirt for me, love it! Xx

  13. While I adore the batman skirt, I would probably have to go for the Star Trek (Enterprise w/Picard ftw!) skirt. In fact I can't wait for my next pay check so even if I don't get the credit, I can still buy it. Must.Have.Trekky.Awesometiems.

  14. I would loooove any of their Doctor Who skirts.


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