Friday, September 14, 2012

Outfit #13: Paradise Kiss

Skirt: Thrifted // Shirt: Thrifted // Hat: Thrifted // Shoes: Steve Madden (Thrifted) // Necklace c/o Glitz Couture // Sunglasses c/o Penelope Meatloaf // iPhone Case c/o Friendly Neighborhood Printing

I originally bought this wig for a last minute cosplay of Isabella from Paradise Kiss. I apparently inadvertently channeled her for this outfit and didn't realize until I was posting it!

I am so stoked on the Mew/Mewtwo necklace. Do you know how hard it is to find chic geeky jewelry?! Mimi from Glitz Couture sent me a whole goodie box of deliciousness and I cannot wait to coordinate it with future outfits. (She sent me a Sailor Jupiter necklace, OMG)

And the iPhone case... eek! Chris offered me a choice of one custom and one pre-made case from his Etsy shop Friendly Neighboorhood Printing. You'll see the custom one in a future post, but as soon as I saw the platypus I knew it had to be mine. I'm so fascinated by these bizarre creatures. When I visited Australia I spent hours watching one swim around its tank in the Melbourne wildlife reserve.

I've been seeing these holographic sunglasses all over the "blogosphere" (that word is still hilarious to me), and all they made me think of was highschool. (Just like how henna necklaces are all the rage in Japan right now!) I generally find that when something from the 90s comes back into style, I get really excited and access my secret stash of 90s nonsense. But alas, I had broken my holographic sunglasses long ago... so to etsy I went! And there I found Penelope Meatloaf, the goddess of about a billion different holo sunglasses. Go forth and spend your money on 90s awesomeness, little unicorns. THERE ARE KITTEN ONES.


  1. I NEED the nacklace and glasses!! Great outfit though. The wig is ace too.


  2. that necklace... that necklace... that necklace...

  3. Ahhh that wig, It's amazing! I want my hair that colour
    those glasses remind me of the ones Ninja from Die antwoord wore in the videa for "rich bitch", love them!
    xx PC

  4. thanks for the lovely comment <3

    LOVE the necklace :) and anime in general
    btw I blended my ears with my hair :P

    XOXO Bee

    1. Hahaha, I LARP and that's what I do to blend my ears, too. I just pull my ears in front of them.

  5. thanks for the comment! your style is wonderful and i think i might be in love with that phone case... platypuses are so awesome. following :) xo

  6. I met you in that wig at Aki-Con. :3 I love the outfit. I am still kind of afraid of longer skirts. I feel like they somehow make me look dumpy. You pull them off super well though. I think my shape is just...I don't know. Loathsome? haha

    I am definitely going to be spending so much money at Glitz Couture. The pretties! They demand my monies!

  7. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back?

  8. .

    O homem bambeia no arame,
    entre o casamento e a traição.
    Veja o por quê, no meu blog.




  9. You look amazing!

  10. beautiful photos!!!! you look great ;)

  11. I love the wig on you! Thanks for visiting my blog! Following on Bloglovin'!

  12. I love this original outfit, nice glasses, hahaha.

    This is the first time I see this blog, and I really like it, so I started to follow you.

    A lot of kisses and hugs, Marina. XXX

  13. Looove your hair :)

  14. I've only just come across your blog, and I love it already. You've got such a quirky style :-)x

  15. Uuum yes!

    You look too adorable for words. I like that your rocking the 90's hologram sunglasses. I, never actually owned a pair but I did have a holographic picture.

    I believe it was kittens/puppies/some other adorable combination.

    I am loving your blog! and a thanks for using my Julep code, trust me your gunna love them. And if you don't, it was only a penny!


  16. You look gorgeous! I love your skirt, looks great.

  17. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

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  19. hotsie-totsie!

    may be we could follow each other-let me know and I'll return the favor


  20. You look stunning! I like it!
    And I love your iPhone case :)

  21. I have to get these glasses :D
    Really cool outfit!

  22. So beautiful look! Adore your hair and those sunglasses!



  23. Really classy outfit with the classic colors! I like your glasses! :D You look amazing!

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  24. Really nice hair and necklace and this adorable iphone case*_____*
    like it ! ^^

  25. ohhh I love your style! <33 following!

    Jenny /

  26. Omgg I love your cosplay ! Paradise Kiss - Ai Yazawa ♥
    And thanks for you comment, you too you're so cute ! Bye ~

  27. Love your style! That skirt lks great on you :) and woah that necklace!

  28. I love it, you look so pretty!
    And that necklace, it's awesome *-*

  29. i am LITERALLY flipping out. this is one of my favorite all time mangas - i have reread it a few times and watch the anime fairly often in the background of things. and this is pulled off PERFECT! you got this down - the second photo really sold it for me - and this doesn't come off as cosplay either - i think that's what i love so much about it. it feels more 'i was inspired by this awesome character and look how sweet i look in a purple wig.'

    thank you for making my day better

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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