Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outfit #21: So Say We All

Dress: // Shoes: Litas by Jeffrey Campbell // Jacket: Forever21 // Pouch Necklace: H&M

I'm a little pissed off at Etsy right now, because they DELETED MY ACCOUNT. Apparently, emailing sellers and telling them I like their stuff and asking them if they would like to collaborate in some way is spam. Uh, okay. Each message was personalized and I never asked for money of any sort, but WHATEVER. So I am miserably fighting that right now. It really sucks because I have a bunch of half finished conversations/business interactions in my inbox on Etsy, and I can't reach any of these individuals now since I have no Etsy account! So now I appear flakey, and there's nothing I hate more than appearing unreliable. Argh. Have any other bloggers experienced something like this?

Headed to the Seattle Central Community College's amazing fashion show very shortly! Cannot wait to see the amazing student designs (it's all Japanese inspired!!).I'll try and take some photos for you guys.

But until then, want to win the dress I'm wearing in this post? Well, the ever amazing is having an AWESOME contest to win this dress or others like it (same cut, different colors!). They are picking FIVE WINNERS a day! A lot of bloggers I follow have won from Romwe in the past, so your chance is good! Just click here to enter.


  1. Molly, you look so lovely in that dress! Love the photo of you sitting on the steps. Stop being so pretty it's not fair. xx

    And that sucks about Etsy deleting your account! How lame. I hope it gets sorted soon, how frustrating.

  2. This galaxy print dress looks like it was made for YOU, seriously it looks so great on you! I've entered this giveaway and desperately hoping to win the galaxy dress too, I'm such a sucker for all things Space :)
    Don't know why Etsy would have deleted your account, doesn't sound like you were spamming people, hope that gets sorted soon.

  3. Love your dress!

  4. I really love the dress! I love outer space.

    I'm sorry about your account. :(

  5. That sucks about your Etsy account. It seems like they would at least send you some kind of warning! I'm going to enter the Romwe giveaway right now cause that dress is awesome!

  6. siiiiiiigh those are the exact Lita's that I want. good taste, sister. (etsy, wtf.)

    amen fashion xo.

  7. Love your dress! It totes reminds me of Doctor Who. ;D

    And that stinks about your Etsy account! Maybe you could set up a new one just to email the sellers you were talking to and let them know that you're not intentionally flaking on them? :-/ Hope you get it fixed soon!


  8. That's horrible about Etsy! Gosh!!! Love your dress! It's so cosmic! Looks great on you! Love the back details!

  9. Amazing dress it suits you so well!

  10. Love the dress and those boots!
    It really sucks that Etsy did that, it's so unfair! :o

  11. love your dress and your hair! you look very pretty with this style :)

    I'm already following your blog, like all your posts they have great content :) I invite you to follow me too if you like, will coming back looking what's new up here.

    Kisses from Mexico

  12. WOW! Wonderful dress! You're gorgeous :)

  13. Lovely blog, I'm following.
    But I was impressed with her ​​look, this dress perfect match with lita. I wonder if it is a half or a legging?

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