Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outfit #23: Wonder Woman

White Lace Dress: Ruby Rox // Cranberry Red Blazer: Vintage // Brown Lace Up Wedges: JustFabulous.com // Tooled leather bag: Vintage // Wonder Woman necklace c/o Comics Salvage // Carousel iPhone Case c/o Petek Design

How amazing is this Wonder Woman necklace?! It's actually made from an old comic book! Comics Salvage makes all of this incredible, fashionable, delightfully geeky jewelry out of old comics and she was kind enough to send me a necklace. I'm OBSESSED. It's so lovely and a great subtle way to wear your geekiness.

This awesome vintage tooled bag was a gift from my best friend Angeline Oliver - she found it at a yard sale! My name's not Jan, but dammit, I will make it be Jan if it means I get to use this beautiful bag.

I love my carousel horse iPhone case from Petek Design. When I was little, my dearest goal was to design carousel horses for a living. Unfortunately, that's a bit of a dying art form. But I still love looking at the incredibly detailed craftsmanship on carousels! They just closed down the one here in Seattle last year and it made me very sad. I wish I could have afforded to buy one of the horses! 

I made blueberry cupcakes last night for my coworker and friend Flynn's birthday today. Everything was going swimmingly until I was making the buttercream frosting - I reached for the vanilla extract and grabbed mint instead! So instead of blueberry cupcakes with brown sugar frosting, I made blueberry pancakes with mint frosting. It was surprisingly not terrible, but I think mint frosting would do much better on chocolate cupcakes (mint chocolate chip!).

Thank you for everyone's lovely comments on my post about my dog yesterday. I loved reading your pet stories! They all made me very happy ^_^


  1. I love all your details in this outfit - the bag, the shoes, the necklace, the toenail polish :) everything is great!


  2. Amazing outfit, so original details!!!
    Love your bag!


  3. As ever... BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Those shoes are lovely, but even sexier are your feet! Those toenails look amazing.

    Can't get enough =)

  4. Seriously....who is the creeper obsessed with your feet.

  5. Oh wow what I great bag to find in a yard sale as well. Awesome. Also your necklacea and toes are awesome. Too cool.

  6. I love your hair and how it matches your jacket!

  7. That bag is amazing! Mint chocolate cupcakes sound wonderful...

  8. Wonder Woman <3

    xxx Lara

  9. tremendous bag, I love it! You have a remarkable and interesting style! I follow you!
    With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. I was just looking at a burgundy, velvet longline blazer this morning which I (obviously) cannot find the link to now, so when I saw this there was excited noises and grabby hands. Good incentive to go thrifting!

    amen fashion xo.

  11. I love your style (the bag, the phone case, the dress, hell the colour!) and your hair is just awesome


  12. ha! found the link. that's a killer vintage find.


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