Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outfit #9: Show me the Colors of the Sky

I'm really into this song recently. You should go listen to it.

When I was putting on these sandals this morning, the zipper pull broke off on not one but BOTH of them. I guess I have fat feet? I need to stop being poor so I can actually start investing in expensive shoes, sigh. I've owned this blue bag for years and years and YEARS. I think I got it at a thrift store when I was around 15. It's a bit bulky, but super wonderful for my camera and a couple of lenses wrapped in scarves.

I forgot to take a photo of my iPhone case today, so I will do that when I get home this evening and edit this blog entry then :-) Oh... and don't mind my terrible nails. I haven't had time to paint them.

Skirt: Thrifted // Shirt: Thrifted // Belt: Thrifted // Bag: Thrifted // Shoes: Dollhouse, at Ross // Bracelet: Thrifted // Rings: Crossroads in San Francisco (owl) and Forever 21 (Big black stone) // Necklace: eBay // Wig: eBay

PS: You have just a couple more days to enter my two giveaways! One is for an adorable cat purse, the other is for a designer iPhone case!


  1. You don't have fat feet, you have BEAUTIFUL feet!

    In fact, you should make a post of only footwear and model those sexy feet =P

    Love the outfit!!! The rings are niiiiice!

  2. your bag is awesome! I love the colour and the shape!

  3. Neat outfit! I'm really glad you left me a little comment, because I'm really loving your blog lady!



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