Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Roundup 10/19: Romwe, Chicnova, and Press

Hello unicorns!

No outfit photos today, as I am not feeling too well and Daniel (my trusty photographer) is also sick so no photos this morning. I think I'm getting ANOTHER cold - I am not happy about this. I was supposed to have drinks with a dear friend tonight and now instead I'm going to curl up in bed and marathon X-files with Dan and Sushi. Lame.

A couple of quick things, though!

  • Romwe is having ANOTHER awesome giveaway:

  • Chicnova is running a popularity contest - essentially. However, if I win or place, I get free giveaway credit to give away to two lucky blog readers! Help me help you - vote for me.
  • The blog Pantyhose Party made a post about me. See it here. It's a cool blog that collects fashion photos of women wearing tights - a little fetishy, but as someone who wears tights or leggings of some sort every day it actually gives me a lot of inspiration.
  • I have spent the last three days obsessively watching the Great Dane puppy cam on I watched her birth her first puppy yesterday and saw one stillborn this morning :-( But it's beautiful and great and I am excited to see the puppies grow up!
  • If you missed my announcement yesterday: I am now 1/6th of the makeup channel "OneUpMakeup" on YouTube. We have already filmed some awesome tutorials, so you should subscribe so you'll be the first ones to see our videos!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I will try to be back on the outfit a day bandwagon ASAP. As soon as I drain all this mucus out of my head (ew gross I know).

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  1. voted! good luck, my dear! <3

    - Anna


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