Thursday, January 10, 2013

Outfit #55: WHAT? NEW OUTFIT?

Wet Look Leggings: eBay // Long Sweater Duster: Thrifted // Plaid shirt: Thrifted // White t-shirt dress: H&M // Shoes: Zoe by Sam Edelman // Bag: Thrifted

Holy shit an outfit post? It's true: I AM still alive, and I vow to start posting more... again. As you can see in these photos, one of the main hindrances to outfit pics is the RAIN. It's just always so wet in Seattle in the winter time! And considering I live in a shoebox apartment, there's not really any room to take outfit pics inside. Blah!

Anyway, remember how I was pining over these shoes a few months ago? Wonderful Dan got them for me for Christmas, and I LOVE THEM. They're absurdly comfortable and so damn chic. I never want to take them off.


  1. So glad you were finally able to get those boots! They look fantastic! <3

    - Anna

  2. YAY! So stoked that you finally got 'em!

  3. Those shoes are amazing. Rock star amazing. And it's so nice to see an outfit-post from you.


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