Friday, January 4, 2013

Video: OneUpMakeup's Bag of Holding

Hello, unicorns! It's been a few weeks and for that I apologize. I just became way too overwhelmed with the holidays - responsibilities, traveling, end of year projects, abusing my liver... it was hard to find time to do outfit pics, and on top of that I'm feeling pretty chubby so photographing myself was not the most appealing thing in the world!

I'm going back to the gym tomorrow and will hopefully get to feeling better about myself. Time to give up the cookies and pizza and get sexy for cosplay season! I'll try to get back into the outfit pics swing, but in the meantime I'll post more beauty reviews and tutorials as I can.

Speaking of  beauty, myself and the other five lovely ladies of OneUp Makeup have made a "Bag of Holding" video about our favorite beauty products of 2012! There's some really awesome product suggestions in here and you should definitely check it out... (and watch at the very end for a cameo appearance by my dog, Sushi!)

How was everyone's holiday season?

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