Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adventures: Washington State Renn Faire

Becki made these wings HERSELF. She's too talented.

Rat circus!!!

The Geeky Peacock's Royal Counterpart!

This last weekend I went with my friends Celeste, Becki, and Gene to the Washington Renaissance Faire. Somehow, it was my first actual Renn Faire - before this I had only been to LARPing festivals. Let me tell you: I HAD A BLAST.

I walked around in costume (as a Necromancer!), drank some amazing mead, watching jousting (a man in plate maille atop a horse? BE STILL MY HEART), saw a baudy play where the actors ran around stage with giant paper mache penises, acquired some amazing Washington brewed root beer, salivated over leather costumes I couldn't afford... It was amazing. Next year I am DEFINITELY camping out. All night debauchery, please and thank you!


  1. Those wings are the schnizz. DIY for the win!

  2. Everyone's costumes are amazing! And those fairy wings are exquisite. Becki is super talented!

  3. wow,cool,you look amazing,thanks for commenting in my blog.
    Shall we follow each other?Please let me know.


  4. how funnnnnnnn! xx

  5. So cool post and pics!! All those costumes are so amazing!

  6. I love this wand. You look a bit like Morrigan from Dragon Age. <3

  7. Lovely photos it looks so funny sure you enjoy it!

  8. Wow ... If I were illustrating comics, I'd want Becky and her wings to model for the WASP. She should get the part in a film!


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