Monday, August 12, 2013


Ever since I was a little girl, I've been a camera ham. When my father was trying to take beautiful landscapes of my home state of Alaska, I was attempting to leap in the lens. When my mother was making home videos of our home construction, I was streaking through scenes in a princess dress, screaming monologues from Disney movies. This love to entertain has stuck with me throughout my life, as I became involved in theatre and singing, comedy and public speaking. I like to be in the spotlight. I like to entertain people - be it on a Comedy Channel on YouTube or telling entertaining stories at a party - I like to make people laugh and smile.

I always knew I wanted to be on TV. It was the natural next step for me. And finally my dream is coming true.

I am one of the stars of SyFy's upcoming reality TV show FANGASM, premiering September 24th at 10pm on SyFy channel. I spent the summer living in a house with six other amazing geeks. Shenanigans were had, tears were shed - I yelled a lot, I cosplayed, I missed my dog and my manga collection, I celebrated being a geek - and now you all get to share it with me.

Fangasm is a six part docu-series about the lives of fanboys and fangirls. I hope you tune in, and in the meantime follow Fangasm on Twitter here or on Facebook here.

This entire thing is still super surreal to me. To know that all of my dreams are finally, finally coming true... it's an intense experience. And this is when I get mushy: I honestly would not be here without the support of the thousands of you who have believed in me and my dreams for all of these years. Inside I'm still just the awkward geek girl I've always been, but I owe all of my success to all of YOU. Without you, I would be nothing. I hope I do you proud.


  1. Oh wow congrats for your dreams to come true, so awesome and admirable ^^ Do your best!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Awww Yay! Congrats!!


  3. I saw the first episode on Hulu (I don't have cable) I loved it! Congrats for getting on the show. *thumbs up!* I love you on it. Even if it is only the first episode, right now.


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