Monday, October 28, 2013

Cosplay: Steampunk Wonder Woman

This cosplay was an absolute labor of love and the collective effort of myself and some wonderful friends. I knew I wanted to completely overhaul my Steampunk Wonder Woman from last year's DC Steampunk Group, but had no idea how to pull it off. Luckily, I have incredible friends.

First, my friend Chelsea designed the concept for me while we were riding in the back of a car on the way back from a convention. Then, I asked my dear, talented friend Niall to make me a corset. He put his own spin on it with the chain maille, created by his incredible lady friend Angela. The leggings, boots, and jacket were bought and then altered by myself and my dear, dear friend Becki.

The JACKET was an INSANE find. I initially wanted a blue duster, but we were running through Good Will with 3 days until SDCC and I found this incredible red leather duster for SEVEN DOLLARS. Becki painted it for me, and I sewed on new buttons and D rings and put stars along the hood.

We sewed the stars onto the side of the leggings, and I cut up old belts and put them on the bottom of the boots after I painted them. The bracers and crown were also created by the amazing team of Niall and Angela.

The entire costume was down to the wire. I actually had Niall and Angela overnight the corset to me in San Diego, and when I opened it I nearly weapt. It weighs about 15lbs and is one of the most beautiful (albeit uncomfortable) things I own.

The above photos are by Debshots; the ones below are by ljinto  (Thanks, guys!!)

I'm ridiculously proud of this cosplay and I cannot thank those involved enough!


  1. Love the look of this... New wonder woman on the scene. Time to shoot a movie. Just need the script.

  2. This is all kinds of EPIC and you look gorgeous. Niall and Angela's handiwork on your corset, tiara, and bracers are incredibly stunning. I mean... dat eagle! :D

    Nina //

  3. Damn! That is an absolutely incredible costume, such beautiful finishes, and what an incredible find that jacket was! So, so beautiful.

  4. Girl you look hot!

  5. Great work! The corset is incredible =)

  6. Cute! ^^
    I don't know the character (sorryyyyy) but I think that the wig's color fits you really well!
    This reminds me that I want to cosplay characters with glasses too... XD


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