Thursday, February 13, 2014

Outfit #70: Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly

TARDIS dress: Her Universe (Buy Here) // Jacket: Thrifted (Similar) // Shoes: Thrifted (Jessica Simpson (Similar) // Sonic Screwdriver! (Buy Here)

The first time I ever watched Doctor Who it was the first episode of the 11th Doctor. My ex boyfriend - a high strung Australian who had been raised on the show - sat me down in the hotel room we were sharing and put his laptop on my stomach, queuing up the episode. The entire time I watched it, he watched ME eagerly, gauging my reaction.

By the end of it I turned to him and screamed "WHY DIDN'T YOU SHOW THIS TO ME EARLIER?!" and a fan was born.

I went through the rest of the first season of Matt Smith, all of Eccleston, Tennant, and ALL of the old Doctor Who in a little under a year… and my love of the series has never waned. I got drunk a couple of years ago with Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill and I'm probably putting a TARDIS tattoo on my body very soon. There's something about the kitschy scifi that just speaks to my heart, and I highly doubt I'll EVER stop loving it.

Even though I don't really have the body for tight dresses, when Her Universe came out with this TARDIS dress I couldn't resist (they've since made it in fit and flare, yay!). I just want the Doctor to call me sexy, dammit!


  1. How can you say you don't have the figure?! Your hourglass shape in that last image ..... just damn, seriously. Also, I LOVE seeing Americans celebrate Brit geek culture. Out of interest, have any of our other geek shows like 'The IT Crowd' or 'Red Dwarf' got really big in America?

    Liz x

    1. American gal here. I LOVE The IT Crowd. Huge crush on Moss...

  2. You have the PERFECT body for that dress! Rock it, sista :D

  3. You are looking very nice dear. You have tried the best combination of blue and gray. I am loving your shirt and your hair color also. It shows that you having fashion sense.


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