Monday, September 15, 2014

Outfit #76: Sailor Galaxy

Space Seifuku: DIY (Similar) // Shoes: Litas by Jeffrey Campbell (Similar) // Tights: Urban Outfitters (Similar)

When I was very young - perhaps 11 or 12 - I wrote an epic fanfiction in one of my spiral bound notebooks. It was all about the adventures of a young, homeless girl who was down on her luck. She was outside in the rain on a park bench when who should encounter her? Why, Usagi from Sailor Moon, of course! Usagi took in the girl and eventually after a number of events the girl learned she was the ULTIMATE Sailor Scout - Sailor Galaxy!

Initially I made this seifuku (with so much help from my dear friend Chelsea) for my 25th birthday party. But when I threw my bff Claire Max a birthday party this year that was space themed, I brought it out again. I like the way I styled it here much better, anyway! Now I just want to make about five thousand seifukus in different prints and wear them every single day...

We had Claire's birthday party at Good Times at Davey Wayne's, which is one of my favorite bars here in Los Angeles. It is a speak easy that you enter through a refrigerator that is out front in a yard sale, and once you're in you're transported to a 70s house party. Last time I was there they played the entire Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (I subsequently shrieked and danced my ass off)!! If you're in LA you HAVE to check it out.

Did you guys ever make up your own Sailor Scouts?


  1. wow! love the hair~ I wish I could pull off such a vibrant purple!

    I do remember making up my own sailor scout XD I love the sailor moon series, and recently I have the urge to rewatch some episodes/movies XD hahaha

  2. Everything is perfect! Amazing oufit.

  3. Hi Molly McIsaac,
    Wonderful Hair style! I like your style and also Like your photos.
    black lace dress

  4. Oo my myy. I am feeling like I am on the universe after watching such pictures. Your dress is looking like 3D with galaxy themed. You are looking pretty and you are carrying it in a very good way. I like it


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