Monday, August 20, 2012

Geeky Fashion Roundup: August

Every month I am going to be rounding up a bunch of awesome geeky or geek inspired clothes and accessories for your wearing pleasure. It's a great way to tell the world you are into the geekier things in life while still being chic.

1. Once again Black Milk (the creators of the infamous Star Wars swimsuits) has outdone themselves in the realm of super fashionable, sexy wearable geekery: they have created a FRAKKIN' DOCTOR WHO DRESS AND LEGGINGS. Obviously, since it's not licensed by the BBC they cannot call it a Doctor Who dress; instead it's labeled the "Police Box Dress". I'm counting change to afford this dress (Black Milk's prices are a bit hefty). I just hope it doesn't make me bigger on the inside (and thus, the outside as well!)

2. This epic Pokeball Sweater from Sexy Sweaters would look fab with a pair of denim shorts and some black cargo boots. They have a whole slew of fantastic sweaters on their website.

3. Who DOESN'T like Time Lords? I mean, really. Show off your love for the Doctor with this delightfully simple "Likes Time Lords" T-shirt from Skreened.

4. Uuuugh these leggings are SEXY. And they just look SUPER FASHIONABLE for people who haven't played Mass Effect. And better yet, the Etsy seller CUSTOM MAKES THEM TO YOUR SIZE. Can't get any better than that. Buy these Mass Effect N7 leggings here.

5. Ah, I love a man in a suit. Two suits. Yes, that's how I like it. And now I want to show that appreciation by wearing my dapper Stormtrooper husband on this adorable t-shirt dress. What? That's not normal?

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