Monday, August 20, 2012

My Life in Instagram: SDCC

I took a LOT of photos at San Diego Comic-con with my "real" camera (my Canon 5D Mark II), but as usual my trusty iPhone was there to document the more spontaneous moments and awesome encounters with fantastic people that I got to revel in at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

In the San Francisco airport. I <3 Virgin Airlines. // The Epic Star Wars wallet I got on the last day of SDCC. It happily replaced my poor falling apart Hello Kitty wallet. // Myself and two of my favorite ladies in the world, Chrissy Lynn & Mac // Again with Chrissy, Mac, and also one of my FAVORITE people in the world, Brea Grant! This was at her rad SDCC party - there was bowling! // I did SOMETHING to piss off Wolverine. The sexy Logan cosplayer is the similarly delicious Jim Logan // At the IGN party with the perfectly sexy Adrianne Curry (who was dressed up like Raptor Jesus!) // Outfit for the day on Friday (I love that wig so goddamn much. I wore it almost the entire convention) // Out partying with my Seattle friend and fellow geek blogger, Tara/The Geeky Hostess // Insanely good Labyrinth cosplay // Meagan Marie getting her hair cut by Vampy in the bathroom of my hotel room, pre-con // EXTERMI-SOCK! // With Felicia Day at her awesome Geek and Sundry party // Ran into Lucas Till at the IGN party. I am a big fan of Havok and thus had to get a photo with him; it turns out he knows my dear friend Hunter James! Small world // My hotel room at the Hard Rock looked down upon where they had all the major parties during SDCC. This was the Twilight party.(eww) // The most adorable femme Doctor cosplayers EVER! // Oh you know, just me and the FRAKKIN' DOCTOR IN MY FRAKKIN' HOTEL ROOM // Myself and the adorable Breat Grant again. Guys, I seriously cannot express how much I adore that woman. // Looking way too un-excited about being next to Blake Anderson at the Workaholics party // With Ben McCool at the rooftop party. I adore this bloke // Hanging out with John Roderick at the Mythbusters party. He is such good people. // KAWAII UGUUU~ at dinner with the talented cosplayer Monika Lee // Waiting in line for the Workaholics party with Karen Wang. She let me put red lipstick on her! Doesn't she look precious? // I <3 Marian Call. Alaskan power! // Ran into Blake Anderson (for the first time, before the Workaholics party) in the lobby of my hotel. He was very nice - we talked about Alaska and he sat and chatted with me for about ten minutes. // I LOVE JANNA!!!! // Ran into Amy Ratcliffe outside of the convention center. Saw her for all of two seconds at the con - wish it would have been more! At least we snapped a pic. // More KAWAII UGUU~ with Kyle Newacheck // At the Geek and Sundry party with talented writer and my dear friend Sterling Gates // Fancy fancy before parties on Friday?? night

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  1. Comic con, why don't we have it here in Pakistan, I so want to be part of this event… I am jealous of you to be honest, anyways thank you for sharing this post


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