Monday, August 27, 2012

Of Penny Arcades and Phoenixes

Okay, I'm freaking out a little bit. Why? PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is on FRIDAY. FRIDAY! With filming last week and all the other things that have been going on in my life, I barely registered this fact until this morning when my coworkers were ranting about what they need to bring to the giant LAN. I keep getting all these press emails and I haven't scheduled ANY meetings. Oh dear.

I think the current plan is just to run around with Angeline Oliver for Hey! Listen! and interview people funnily and awkwardly (if you are going to be at PAX and want to be harassed by two bubbly girls on camera, post in the comments!). And afterparties, of course. Poor liver, you're such a good trooper.

No outfit post today because I look scrubby, BUT on the topic of PAX: My Dark Phoenix bodysuit finally came, yay! JUST in the nik of time. I ordered it from Milanoo, and while I was a little wary due to intensely mixed reviews online, I am actually very pleased with the quality of it. It fits like a glove and it seems to be good quality spandex (albeit a little see through - you can make out my side tattoo through it!)

I'm really excited about wearing this cosplay because I'll be doing it with Becki and Angie - my besties. We are doing a Marvel vs Capcom group! Becki will be Sakura and Angie is going to be Poison (the hottest transvestite ever!)

Are you going to PAX? What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Aawww I wish I was going to PAX this year! :'( Such a fun time. And you look wicked in that spandex! ;)

  2. Thanks,for your lovely comment on my blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. Thank you so much for the follow,dear.<3
    Follow you back on both.;-)

  4. That is a gorgeous Dark Pheonix costume!


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