Monday, August 27, 2012

Etsy Explosion: Sailor Moon

The Warrior of Handmade and Quirky: Etsy!

Today's Etsy Explosion! focuses on the classic, girly, awesome anime Sailor Moon and all of the goodies that come along with it. In the name of the moon... I will buy ALL THE THINGS!

1. Have you ever wished to rest your head against the busom of a Sailor Scout? I'm sure you have, along with a whole plethora of fanboys. Well, these pillows aren't exactly busoms, but they're the next best thing: Handmade, adorable square pillows of the Sailor Scouts! I need these throw pillows on my couch ASAP.
2. A subtle way to fashionably wear your Sailor Moon appreciation: This adorable acrylic winged heart necklace.
3. Perhaps one of the most easily recognizable symbols from Sailor Moon is the Japanese Schoolgirl Seifuku with various brooches in the middle. This t-shirt makes it so you can always use the power of love!
4. Luna and Artemis are the ever present adorable cosmic kitties from Sailor Moon, and now you can fashionably wear them on your feet with these custom made glittery flats.
5. I am such a fiend for iPhone cases. I have an entire box full and I swap them out at least once a week (it's going to be horrible when I upgrade to a new iPhone!) When I saw this delicously kawaii Decoden Sailor Moon case, I felt a little bit like a second grader on Christmas Eve. I NEED IT. And you do too.
6. Obsessed with rings? Me too. This Sailor Moon Crisis Heart ring is adorable, even if you're not a Sailor Moon fan.
7. This Sailor Moon reference is subtle but brilliant. It's a super adorable totebag with an outline of Luna on it. I'll take one, please!
8. And finally, it wouldn't be a real Etsy Explosion without at least one piece of art. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with these Mucha-esque prints of the various Sailor Scouts. NEED.


  1. SAILOR MOON! :D I love those Luna & Artemis flats, so adorable...I want them! And I love the tote and prints! Gorgeous :D You're making me want to spend all my money

  2. Aw! I used to LOVE Sailor Moon when I was little! I remember watching the cartoon every Sunday morning!



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