Monday, August 20, 2012

Outfit #1: Chillin' With Mah Boxes

Whoohoo first oufit post! I've done outfit a day pictures before, but I never ever kept up on it. But now I have coerced my coworker Eli into helping me out... so he will hold me accountable and I have no excuse. Yay!

Excuse us while we figure out better backdrops and work with natural lighting. These photos were taken in the loft of the warehouse at my job. Yay boxes!

Pink Blazer (aka my new favorite thing): Goodwill
Flowery Dress: Stolen from my old roommate Becki
Black Boots: Nordstrom's
Gold Watch: Fremont Market Score
Velvet and Chain Necklace: Claire's


  1. Sexy as always Molly. Do you plan to have males guest on here as well for us Men who like to dress fashionable as possible?

  2. Yessss outfit posts! Excite. You look adorbs, as always. xx


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