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Geeky Fashionista Profile: Janna O'Shea

Recently I was thinking about how I seem to be treated like a unicorn for being a huge geek but also dressing to the 9s and never leaving the house without makeup. I am confronted with the attitude that I couldn't POSSIBLY be a geek (I look too put together); I'm "trying too hard"; or I'm the only geek of the fairer gender who cares about her appearance. Um, what?

I know a ton of super incredible, geeky, intelligent, GORGEOUS women who have unique and incredible styles that should be looked to as trendsetters in our rapidly expanding sub culture. Women who are on fast tracks in their careers; high powered: the sort of people young women should look to as role models. So why not feature these incredible ladies and their unique style?

Once a week - every Tuesday - expect to see a profile on one noteable geeky fashion icon, with their words and images attached.

We begin this series with Janna O'Shea, twitter's comic book sweetheart and the Social Engagement Strategist for Disney. She has an adorable Mad Men esque style with delicious geeky elements, and is by far one of the most genuinely sweet and wonderful people I have ever met in my life.

Molly McIsaac: You're definitely a high powered, gorgeous, fashionable and geeky lady. What makes you geeky?
Janna O'Shea: I'm geeky about all sorts of things, but it all leads back to my love of reading. My parents taught me how to read when I was 2 1/2 and I haven't stopped since. My reading obsession wasn't limited to prose, I was also a big comics fan! Living in Europe opened me up to some amazing characters that weren't really popular at that time in the US. Asterix & Obelix, Tintin, and Lucky Luke were a big part of my childhood. Not only that, my brother and I were utterly obsessed with Archie Comics. I didn't start reading mainstream comics until a few years ago, but once I did, I was completely in love.

I'm currently working as a Social Engagement Strategist for Disney out in Los Angeles. Disney is a truly wonderful company to be a part of, and I love working on representing my favorite characters. My last job was representing Marvel Comics as their Social Media Coordinator in New York. I am a Marvel girl through and through (especially in regards to the Punisher) but my one true comic love will always be Concrete.

Thanks to reading all sorts of genres I became interested in many different areas of geekery. I'm a huge sci-fi fan, and eat up shows like Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate. My crime/noir obsession (which I inherited from my dad) rolled over to TV and movies. Historical biographies, fantasy novels, action and adventure tales, they all contributed to the interests that I have today.

Molly: Do you think it's important to be fashionable in a sub culture that at times turns its nose up at women who dress well?
Janna: For those of us who enjoy being fashionable, yes. Every woman has a vision of how she wants to represent herself to the world. Some women could care less what about what they wear, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Others like showing off their geeky interests, whether it is in their clothing, accessories, or hairstyle. Shaming women for how they look has been a problem for too long. If a geeky woman wears sweatpants and no makeup, she is told that she doesn't try hard enough. If a geeky woman wears a dress and pretty nailpolish, she's trying too hard. The list of insults and assumptions goes on and on. There are many definitions of a geek, but I have a personal description that I like to use. A geek is someone who loves something so much that it becomes an integral part of their life. ANYONE can be a geek. It is not an exclusive club, and making it one goes against all of the values that we hold dear.

Molly: On that note, WHY do you think the geek community seems to collectively shun its fashionable members? 
Janna: Many people believe that fashion and geek just don't go together. When you think of a stereotypical geek, what comes to mind? Glasses, some sort of obscure t-shirt, sitting at a computer? Sure, there are (awesome) women like that. But there are also women who wear lipstick, high heels, and write code that you can't even begin to understand. Fashionable geeks are shamed because their interests don't mesh with the stereotypical viewpoints of what a geek is.

Molly: Do you think you've always had good style?
Janna: Not at all! I still don't consider myself fashionable, I really just throw things together. I had a lot of trouble deciding how to represent myself as I was growing up. One day I would wear sweatpants, the next day, a skirt, the day after that, pajama pants. I just couldn't settle on what I wanted to look like because I wasn't comfortable in my own skin.

Molly: What do you think made you become fashionable?
Janna: A few years ago I realized that I really liked the way I look in dresses, and didn't like how I looked in everything else. That's when I decided to stock my closet with dresses and cardigans!

Molly: So, how would you describe your style?
Janna: I pair geeky jewelry and/or pearls with dresses, black stockings, and a cardigan.

Molly: What are some of your favorite places to get clothes?
Janna: I am a big fan of Pinup Girl Clothing and Bettie Page Clothing! Pinup Girl Clothing is an utterly fantastic website with a huge inventory. Whether you want a skintight leopard look or a demure black dress with a circle skirt, Pinup has the dress for you. My closet is mess of different stores that I've shopped at over the years, but these two are at the top of my list.

Molly: Who's your fashion icon? 
Janna: I absolutely adore Bernie Dexter's style. The hair, the dresses, everything is just gorgeous!

Molly: What comic book character has the best fashion sense?
Janna: Definitely Medusa of the Inhumans. She always looks flawless, whether she is decked out in royal finery or battling to save her people.

Molly: And that hair...! One article of clothing and one beauty product you cannot live without?
Janna: Black opaque control top stockings. I wear them every single day no matter what the weather. As for my beauty product, it would have to be red lipstick. The right shade does wonders for every woman!

Molly: Any advice or tips for geeky ladies who are looking to become more fashionable?
Janna: Find your own style and don't worry about what everyone else is wearing! You have to be comfortable in your own skin. I am the last person to know about fashion trends and I never have any idea what is considered fashionable. Your clothes should never make you uncomfortable or nervous. Wear whatever makes you happy!

Thanks, Janna! <3

Make sure to check her out on her amazing twitter, where she is always dropping lots of geeky news and insightful opinions: Janna's twitter


  1. Janna is such a peach! Love her!

  2. LOVE them all. Such unique styles, and what lovely ladies!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  3. Janna seems so lovely! Love reading posts like these, looking forward to the rest of the series.


  4. Love thse kind of post! It's amazing! Well done hun!


  5. I love this feature, and wow, she is smokin'. As someone else who equally embraces geek and glamour (I wore a NERV shirt in my last post) I'm so happy to see people writing and engaging on this topic. They're not mutually exclusive!

    amen fashion xo.

  6. This is an awesome feature, Janna is stunning and seems like such a sweetheart! Xx

  7. You look really pretty with the bangs on the side :)

  8. i love molly! i love pinup fashion, hairstyles and makeup too. this was an excellent interview. she's awesome.

  9. Great interview!! Janna is beautiful, such a geek too. Does she like the X-Files? Job well done, Molly!! By the way....is Janna married? Keep those interviews coming Molly. Can't wait for next Tuesday.

  10. I love this post & interview!! I am sending this to many of my friends - we actually had a conversation about the same topic recently... love this!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  11. What a great interview. She's beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Very cool pics!


  13. I've been following this blog for a bit and I can honestly say this has been my favorite post. Not only is Janna awesome, but also I like how she describes her style as just being comfortable in whatever she is wearing. I have issues with that all the time, 'cause I own lots of tshirts and a few jeans: they are my weapon of choice. But lately I started losing weight and I finally found the confidence to try and mix it up with some skirts or other types of clothing.

  14. I love it all!! Even if I may not actually wear it all Janna makes it look so good! lol



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