Friday, October 12, 2012

Outfit #33: So Young so High

Dress: Ruby Rox (found at Ross) // Blazer: Thrifted // Platform Shoes: Forever21 // Leopard Hat: Thrifted // Pink Cross: eBay // Teal Purse: Thrifted // Bracelet c/o Two Strange P // Galaxy iPhone Case c/o Take Cover

Happy friday, unicorns! It rained last night and I couldn't be happier. I opened my window at about 3am, burrowed under my blankets and listened to the rain. Finally Seattle is giving us the weather it is infamous for (after about 80 freakin' days of sunshine - wtf!).

Last night was an adventure in pure silliness. Dan, Duncan (my little brother) and I drank wine and watched Peep Show, then we walked to the awesome little beer shop by my house and had some beer with my coworker Nick. I tried the Elysian Pumpkin Ale on tap and it's even MORE amazing that way, oh god. I also visited the grocery store in my Pikachu kigurumi and when we got home from the beer shop I read fanfiction I wrote when I was 13 aloud. I was a weird little anime obsessed teenager - I wrote an entire epic fanfiction with my online best friend at the time (who I met on Neopets!) about how we went to Japan and met the Z fighters. I was obsessed with Trunks; she was obsessed with Picollo. It was actually based off of an ongoing RP we had via MSN for YEARS - I kind of miss it, actually. It got super epic. I was part Saiyan (of course) and she was part alien. Trunks and I got engaged.

It's been so long since I did any sort of text based roleplaying! I used to be REALLY active on a Harry Potter roleplaying message board called Just Another Chocolate Frog Card, but life caught up with me and I stopped having time to do it. I really miss it - it was like some sort of crazy writing exercise. I guess I fulfill that need now with Dungeons and Dragons and LARPing. Did any of you ever text base roleplay?

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  1. I like how the top half is all light/bright and the lower half goes right into black and charcoal. :)

    I used to roleplay online with friends quite a bit, but I sort of lost touch with it when I became addicted to WoW. :3 And though I haven't played WoW in years (I force quit that beastly behemoth), but by that point I had no point of reference for role-play any longer.

  2. Great job! love the oufit, your lace dress is soo BEAUTIFUL and it is a great idea to wear it with that colorful blazer ! love the shoes too!

    Kisses from Mexico

  3. Oh my gaawwwd I used to text RP all the time!! I once created a fantasy RP with original characters and forced all my friends, online and RL, to join. It went on for way longer than it should have, haha! Oh man so many amazing memories. And I totally played Neopets, and I used to troll HP message boards under the name Peeves. And I also wrote fanfiction; I actually recently found my account and there was Liberty's Kids fanfic still there. SO HORRIFYING. Also I think you should probs post some of your classic fanfic stories on your blog, I bet they're amazing. ;)

  4. You have amazing style! i adore your outfit and how you styled it :)

  5. love the shoes and the hat! cool! anyhoo, thanks for visiting my blog! followed you now, hope you'll follow back :) thankies!

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  6. Lovely style my dear, the fuchsia is such a beautiful color on you, a great complement to your skin tone and I love love love your bracelet!

    xx - Vee

  7. Nice post dear! Love it :) You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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  8. Love your sandals they are awesome.

  9. om em geeeeeeeeeeee. another teal colored bag. Super like ♥
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    lets follow each other ;-)

  10. Hi dear!
    Love you're blog, follow u! :)
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    Hope u follow back :)

    Lot of kisses.

  11. Great look! Love the purse!

    - Anna


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