Monday, October 15, 2012

Outfit #34: Musings on Azeroth

Dress c/o Lavishville // Shoes: F21 // Big Bow: F21 // Clutch: Kimchi Blue (Thrifted) // Heart Sunglasses: eBay // iPhone Case c/o Sodacase

This outfit is from over the weekend. I decided to get all dressed up and get day drunk on a brass monkey - this actually only lasted an hour or so before I put on warmer clothes. Seattle is chilly now! I love it. Don't mind the sock marks on my legs - due to the cold I have been living in dorky socks around my apartment and I didn't have time to wait to let them go away on my legs, haha!

I spent almost all weekend playing World of Warcraft and watching Peep Show. Dan found a vanilla WoW private server, so we have been grinding like crazy. The XP is like 300% more or something ridiculous so I'm already a level 20 night elf warrior (all of our friends play alliance for some STUPID REASON, but night elves are kind of adorable so I'm not too angry).

It's weird to be playing again since WoW essentially ruined my life back in college - destroying relationships, flunking me out of school, and making me get fat. But I think my life is in a good enough place now that I won't get addicted again... at least not too badly.

I took my little brother to look at an apartment yesterday; I'm really hoping he gets it. I love that little brat but after him staying at the apartment for a month on my closet floor, I'm ready to have that space back. Also the apartment was super adorable and near his new job; but it makes me want to move into a new place, too! Ugh!

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  1. Such an awesome outfit!

  2. that bow is adorbs! love this look so much!


  3. love the dress, black lace and that bow in your hair is a perfect combination

  4. I love that your brother lives in the closet like a childhood monster. Life imitating art imitating life?

  5. Nevermind the sock marks, your feet look amazing and those toenails are adorable! Too bad it's getting colder, because I'd love to see more shoes like these.

    Lovely as always, Molly!

  6. Love this outfit! I need a neon yellow nail varish ASAP!


  7. Molly, stop being so cute it is SERIOUSLY NOT FAIR.

    And oh man, I was addicted to WoW in college as well! I blame my boyfriend at the time, who I never got to spend time with unless it was in Azeroth. I love the game though, it feels like a weird alternate home to me now. And dude you must play the newest xpac, it's BRILLIANT! YOU CAN HAVE A FARM. AND THERE IS WOW POKEMON NOW. GAHH. Also I'm sad that you play Alliance, but it's okay. I forgive you. x

  8. When I was in college it was Everquest - WoW wasnt even made far. I would love to play Vanilla Wow again.... I quit playing almost 4 years ago because I was tired of al the expansions - I miss it at times..... glad I can't get vanilla Wow again - I have a kid now and I dont need to be "that" mom ;)

  9. love this look! I really love you shoes and the bow :)

    Visit my blog :) I'd love to see you there! thankies! <3 TWP

  10. i like the gnomes. i had a level 80 gnome rogue :D and 70 blood elf priest. i wasn't cool enough to play vanilla. but i cannot dedicate to just one thing - i often made my husband run us somewhere while i was on follow and did sit ups or workouts while playing. i'm lucky i have no attention span and fall asleep if i play games too incredibly long (one time i fell asleep on my computer in the middle of a dungeon and left my husband and some poor other guy in the middle without a healer haha oops)

    and i'm totally loving the back of this dress. seriously amazing. and the shoes.

    i am currently figuring out how to organize my reader better because yours and a few other blogs that start with 'the' (and by few i mean like huge amount) get lost too easily.

    <3 katherine

  11. Multi beautiful and pretty pictures deserves thanks - thanks


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