Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Outfit #35: The TARDIS Jacket

Dress c/o Stitched and Adorned // Jacket: Thrifted // Shoes: Just Fabulous // Hat: H&M // Sunglasses: Thrifted // Belt: Thrifted

I call this jacket my "TARDIS Jacket", since it's TARDIS blue. It's not really bigger on the inside, though...

I really love the color orange (especially in the fall, obviously) but have a hard time wearing it since my main color palette for clothes is black, grey, more black, pink, and blues.  That's why when Stitched and Adorned asked me to choose a dress, I chose this one! I wanted to challenge myself. I expect you'll see me trying to style it a few different ways in the future, just because I sometimes like pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I looked in the mirror this morning and realized in pure delight that my real hair is almost down to my shoulders again. I still feel weird without a wig, but I think that once I start figuring out how to style my real hair again it's going to make a re-appearance. I just felt (and still feel) so insecure about it once I chopped it all off on a hot summer day whim... I like having long pretty hair - I have no idea what possessed me to go short. I cried for like a week straight (but not the first day, because Dan told me I would and I was determined to prove him wrong. Ha!)

I'm placing a group order to Wholesale-Dress.net with Meg of Bowties are Cool and a few of my other friends this week - I'm very interested and excited to get it. I've been eyeing this website forever due to its insanely cheap prices, but the shipping has always been outrageous. But since we are ordering so much, we get free shipping - wahoo! I'll make sure to do a haul post once I receive the inevitably massive shipment.

Also I look really skinny in these photos. Hooray for angles?

'Til tomorrow, my lovely unicorns!


  1. I'm trying to grow my hair out too but I found this do it yourself on pinterest where you mix 1 tsp honey, 2 tsp olive oil, 1-2 tsp coconut oil and 1/2 a mashed avocado. Put in dry hair and let sit 10-15 minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual. It doesn't make it grow faster but helps what hair you got stay strong and resist fall out/break as it grows.

  2. Last time I chopped off my hair, I too cried. Long hair is the way to go. cute outfit though! love the dress, those shoes & your neon nail polish :)
    Oh, My

  3. How cute are you!? Loving your hair, glasses, all of you really.. :-D Xo

  4. That dress is precious! And I love that you thought of the Tardis when you saw the color of that jacket!! Loooove me some Dr. Who.


  5. You are the hottest! And Oh man, I can't wait to see your haauuuull! Super excited to see if the stuff I ordered is decent or not. Half my closet is Primark though so I have really low standards and it'll probably meet them! Yay! xx

    Oh and I love your wig, but I love your cool sideswept bangs thing you do with your natural hair. I understand feeling insecure about it, though. Still -- I think it's hot. :)

  6. We should photobomb your blog with both the awesome & hilarious results of our shopping adventure. It's an experiment, for sure. <3 Btw, went through & read all your posts over the last week. Loving it. Well done!

  7. nice outfit!


  8. I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and I can completely relate about missing the length. Even though my hair was gross, it felt like me. I'm a long-haired person, it's just a part of who I am.

    I love the TARDIS blue of your jacket. It'd be awesome to get one and DIY "Police Box" across the back.

  9. i love your dress and shoes!! :)
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  10. I must admit that, as many other guys or girls in here, I'm in love with your feet.

    Your outfits are always amazing!


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