Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Outfit #42: Happy Election Day!

Dress: Nordstrom's // Jacket: Thrifted // Boots: Thrifted // Purse: H&M // Necklace c/o RUBY // Rings: eBay

Happy election day, unicorns! If you're in the US, make SURE to get out there and vote. This is an important one - women's issues are at the forefront of everyone's minds, and you know we'd rather go forward than elect someone who will put us 30 years in the past - right?

This dress is actually a party dress I bought YEAAARS ago for my 19th birthday party. It has giant poofy sleeves. But it's perfect to dress down with a long jacket, thus it comes out in the winter time. I also love running my hands over the shiny fabric. PET PET PET.

D&D is canceled tonight so everyone can watch election coverage, so Dan and I are going to turn on streaming news and paint a canvas I picked up at the Goodwill bins. We are just going to throw paint at it, then I'm putting vinyl letters on it to say "The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors". After it dries, it's going above the bed. I'll make sure to photograph the process for you guys.

I started the WoW trial last night, and WOW (the expression, not the game... well also the game, but one is one and one is the other. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING). It's changed SO MUCH since I "got clean" back in college - it's so intuitive and streamlined now! I'm playing a Blood Elf Warrior named Ahlmond. TANKS 4 LYFE, YO. The trial is free until 20 - then I need to decide if I want to sign up. It's a slippery slope...

If you like interesting blogs (obviously you do, you're reading mine, HAR HAR HAR), you should check out my friend Josie's blog. She's a very fascinating, intelligent woman who blogs about being a stripper and her struggle with her mother having Cancer. She has a way with words that leaves you riveted to the screen. Check it out here.

And finally, the video of Liz doing a galaxy look on me for our makeup channel, OneUpMakeup, is finally live! I promise I don't always mouth breathe that much - Mallory has cats and I am terribly allergic, so I was in the throes of a miserable allergy attack. But the look is AMAZING! I AM SPACE INCARNATE.


  1. great look! love your jacket :)


  2. This is great. I love your look. Even though you're so thrifty, you ALWAYS dress like you have a million bucks! It's amazing how you look so good everytime you have a new blog. <3<3
    Beautiful Molly...... :)

  3. Pretty... but for outfit number 42, I would have liked to have seen something Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy inspired. ;)

  4. Why the hell are you losers not on Alterac Mountains?!! Damn it I need a good tank buddy. I shall pine for your tank skillz from afar.

    And aahhh that video is so fun! YOU ARE ADORABLE!! And basically a human galaxy! I wish it was acceptable to go around with a galaxy on my face all day every day. Because I'd do it.

  5. love the coat :)
    so pretty ><


  6. It's pretty annoying how often and how greatly WoW changes. I haven't taken the plunge into the new expansion yet.

  7. beautiful!

    xo Jennifer


  8. you look so stunning, i love your coat so much! :)

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Would you like to follow each other?


  10. Awww, glad you like the blog Molly. ^_^ I feel like a rock star now. *MUAH*


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