Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outfit #47: Back to Black

Dress c/o Romwe // Boots c/o Blowfish // Belt: eBay // Raw Stone Necklace c/o RUBY // Rings: eBay // Hat: H&M

There's finally been enough of a break in the weather that I was able to snap a few outfit pics - wahoo! Yesterday the downpour was TORRENTIAL. I honestly have never seen rain like that in my three years in Seattle - I thought the entire city was going to drown. I also learned that apparently it's a common thing for people in Seattle to own pumps, so when it DOES rain like that they can pump off the flooding. The more you know!

Two things that have never wavered from my personal style are black and asymmetric things. The fact that this dress is both had me panting over my keyboard until I was certain it was mine. It also fits amazingly well for a free size dress!

Also, these boots from Blowfish have not left my feet since I got them last week. They are honestly the most comfortable pair of shoes I own - more comfortable than a pair of flat boots. I love them SO. MUCH.

My weekend was absolutely bonkers insane. I cleaned the apartment Saturday, did a bunch of photos for the blog, filmed FOUR videos for OneUpMakeup with the ladies. Then on Sunday Angeline and I had a full day shoot for Hey! Listen!, where we filmed two whole comedy sketches (you'll be seeing them soon!) All in all, it was productive and I feel good about it.

However, I caught a bit of a cold, so tonight I'm making pumpkin pie and playing Kingdoms of Amular until I pass out. I'M SO HARDCORE.


  1. Gorgeous in the little black <3



  2. Lovely! That dress is great.
    Hope you get well soon :)

  3. great outfit, I love that necklace and the colour of your hair!

    fashionable footprints

  4. I'm in love with your hat and your hair <3


  5. MOLLY STOP. This is the best!! That dress is super sexy on you, and I didn't really like the look of the Blowfish Caden UNTIL NOW so thanks for adding that to my "want but can't have" list. :( Damn you, making everything look good.

  6. whoa. deja vu. then there was that day we both made 'back in black' posts. love the cut of the dress!

    amen fashion xo.

  7. Your hair is gorgeous! Love the look as well!

  8. Such a great dress!

    xo Jennifer



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