Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outfit #48: Don't Kill My Vibe

Dress: Vintage (Thrifted) // Shoes c/o Blowfish // Belt: // Jewelry: eBay // Necklace c/o RUBY

Quick outfit post today. The internet is making me grumpy, so I am not really in the mood to write very much (people are assholes, the end).

I got this dress years ago at a thrift store in Idaho. The only thing I miss about Idaho is the thrifting, haha! There was always such amazing finds because no one there had any fashion sense, so I could come away with about 15 incredible vintage dresses/skirts/tops in one trip. I know when I go home for Christmas I will be thrifting like a madwoman.

I'm going to my friend Liz's family's place for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I'm quite excited. Thanksgiving with my family was always a small affair, so I've never experienced the massive potluck/party style version of the holiday. Interested to see how different it is!

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday!


  1. Lovely dress and its also really original shape!!

    Thanks for passing by my blog!!

    <3 Val

  2. Love your dress so much!!! and the look is fab!!! Beautiful outfit really! *.*

    CHECK OUT new post on my blog "ROCOCO & BAROQUE" and let me know if you like my outfit!!! <3 love, Francesca

    p.s If you want we can follow each other on the socials! Now I follow you on GFC! If you like follw me back please!! ;)

  3. ohhh lovely dress and i love the ring :)

    kisses from

  4. Love this dress, its so different,

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