Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outfit #51: The Caped [Fashion] Crusader

Vintage Cape: Thrifted // Cowboy Boots: Thrifted // Rings: Forever21 and eBay

I got both this amazing vintage cape and boots in Idaho. As I've said before: best thrifting ever there. I just need to go on pilgrimages there to thrift...

I leave to Denver, CO at around 4am in the morning tomorrow! I have a meeting tonight about the Emerald City Comic-con live art event AND a writing deadline for ifanboy, PLUS I'm not packed, so I doubt I will be getting any sleep before we have to be at the airport. Hooray!

I'm in a bit of a mood because of this tremendously horrible example of slut shaming by an industry professional, as brought to our attention by the Mary Sue.  I am an outspoken voice of feminism in the geek world not because I enjoy it, but because of things like this. But the fact that this horrible misogyny continues to crop up ALL THE TIME just entirely deflates me and makes me wish I didn't care so much. Putting so much energy into being angry all the time exhausts me.

Sigh. Guess we all just have to keep on fighting the good fight.

In more exciting news, Romwe is having a pretty rad giveaway right now where they give "Christmas Packages" away to a TON OF PEOPLE. You should probably enter here.


  1. I just can't get over how much I love your hair color! The cape is a cute trend I've been seeing this season and I'm still on a hunt for one for me!

    The Weekend Diary

  2. The hair color is ah-mazing, I wish I could get mine to pop like that when I go to the purple side. (I'm actually about to Amy Pond my hair again.) And, thx for the cape look, you've totally given me the idea of how to wear the very similar vintage one I picked up in Ohio last year -- my first thought was (of course) with skinny jeans and knee high boots, but I like the skirt/tights contrasting on the cape.

    And, the slut shaming is gross and totally deflating, but we MUST keep fighting the good fight. Hang tough, you rock - we all rock. <3 you!

  3. wow, i LOVE that cape and those cowboy boots on you! and your hair is fierce! if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess

  4. Simple and chic. Nothing like sheer black tights and..well..just about anything over-sized. Hehe. So comfy. I love that cape. I got a poncho that looks similar to that from ASOS last week. Can't wait to rock it.

    - Anna


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