Thursday, March 21, 2013

Outfit #57: Spring has Sprung

Dress: Thrifted // Hat: Forever21 // Boots: Litas by Jeffrey Campbell // Belt: Forever21 // Necklace c/o Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art // "Fuck Off" Rings c/o Vidakush

Oh, I'm so relieved that spring is here! Seattle may not be acting like it yet (torrential downpour and sideways winds, anyone?) BUT thanks to daylight savings I get more daylight... which means after a long winter of hibernation and hiding in a cave of blankets and anime video games, I can finally come back and give you guys outfit pictures. YAY AREN'T YOU EXCITED?!

This dress was in my collection of "to alter" dresses, and I pulled it out the other day to go thrifting with a friend and decided I love it as is. My decision on what hemline length I like to wear changes daily, so I have an entire duffel bag full of amazing old vintage dresses I want to shorten the hemline on... until I don't.

My winter involved too much for me to encompass in one blog post, but here's my promise to you, my dear unicorns: I won't abandon you again. You'll get all the weird rants, strange outfits, and cosplay news YOU COULD EVER ASK FOR (or didn't ask for). Aren't you excited?! I am.


  1. YAY I'm so happy you're doing outfit posts again! :'D

  2. Great job on the photos and Yay Spring! . Thx for the feature :)

  3. Loving that ring. And good call on wearing the dress as is! While it'd also look cute shorter, there is something really appealing about the knee lengthiness of it. I think the way the pleats fall is just gorgeous.

  4. lovely!! :)

    NEW POST UP! Visit my blog :>


  5. wow! u look so great! I love ur dress !!


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