Monday, July 1, 2013

My Sparkly Week, As Portrayed by Instagram // June 24-30

Saying goodbye to Kristin right before I left LA :-( (If you like my hat, you can get a similar one here!) // "Welcome home" whiskey drinks with the waifu! // Bein' cute at karaoke // My amazing friend Tobias brought me unicorn sugar cookies to welcome me home!! 

MY UNICORNS!!! I missed you ever so much. I just returned from Los Angeles and my insane adventures down there on Monday, and after seven days I'm finally feeling recovered and (mostly) up to par. I've been slowly easing back into social media and blogging, so expect regular outfit posts again very soon! I also have some fun new features coming up for you... DIY, exploring Seattle's local clothing shops and eateries, my beauty favs, makeup tutorials... the Geeky Peacock is rocketing quickly into full blown blogging mode again! So make sure to keep an eye out for these things in the near future.

But now the big news, which I will announce in a more official capacity in the near future: The reason I was down in LA for the past month and a half and completely without social media access was because I was FILMING A TV SHOW. Yes, yours truly is finally fulfilling her mad dreams of being on TV - this October! I'm SO EXCITED, and I'll be able to tell all of you more once the promos come out.

A lot has happened since I last blogged - namely the TV show - but I'm also single now. Dan broke up with me right before I headed down to LA, which was a pretty big blow. But now I have my cute apartment to myself and I'm coping by surrounding myself with friends and projects. In other words: I'm doing just fine!

I'm in mad preperation mode for San Diego Comic-con [it's in two weeks, what?!] and my cosplay all seems to be coming along nicely. I'm definitely doing Steampunk Wonder Woman (she is going to look EVEN BETTER this year) and Super Villain Cruella Deville. However, I may be adding another costume to the line up - a secret I'm embarking up with my lovely waifu, Sarah Hiraki. I will say this: it's going to be cute. REALLY cute.

Anyway, tl;dr: TV show, blogging yay, and I missed you guys!! Here's the rest of the IG pics!

My precious Sushi, so happy to have me home and getting all the tummy rubs she could ever want // I'm on a total houseplant kick! My mantle is starting to look like a jungle. I'm going to put these cuties into terrariums soon. // Madness with Emily and Sarah before Friday night girl's night // My face. Yep.

Drunk girls out for Seattle Pride!! // Next day hangover cure/heat beating: bubble tea and battleships. Sarah and I have weird Battleship ESP with one another. // Mint obsession! // I have such a babely best friend. 

Snuck away from a weird birthday dinner and took bathroom pics like classy broads. // THIS SODA HOLY SHIT. // Tried Mac's "Candy Yum Yum" lipstick. NEED TO BUY WITH NEXT PAYCHECK. // Sarah and I escaped the horrible heat by walking around the mall. The Mac store has good lighting. Thus: selfies.

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  1. Very happy to know you're fulfilling lifelong dreams :)
    And also that you're coping well with the breakup.
    There goes a hug *hug*


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