Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adventures: The Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder in Seattle

Those are huge salmon!

What happens when I try to do a self portrait with Gregg -_-

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One of my favorite things is playing tourist in my own city.  Seattle has no shortage of interesting destinations, and even though I've lived here close to 4 years, there's still a lot of places I haven't visited. On Saturday Gregg and I decided to go to the Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder. The Ballard Locks is a passage from the sea to the boat canal, and it's very interesting to watch the water levels change and the boats come and go. On top of that, the Locks are also home to the Fish Ladder, a man made salmon spawning area. As many of you probably know, salmon swim upstream to spawn. So Seattle made its own upstream rapids for salmon to come lay eggs in! It's REALLY amazing - there's spawning salmon everywhere, and you can go underground and see them through a viewing window!

I was raised in Alaska and I'm VERY familiar with salmon, so I was entirely smitten by the experience. I think I could happily go back and spend hours there, just watching the fish doing their thing.

Oh, I haven't talked about Gregg on the Geeky Peacock yet, have I? We met about a month ago via OkCupid and it quickly became apparent that the two of us needed to be dating, stat. We have a ridiculous amount of things in common (he has a tattoo of my favorite manga on his arm!!), have well aligned life goals/philosophies, etc. Suffice to say... I'm very happy. Oh, and he's in an excellent band that you should check out: Golden Gardens. Isn't he handsome? ;-)

Do you guys have any suggestions of places I should play tourist in Seattle or the surrounding areas (besides the obvious)?


  1. Go to the Columbia Center observation deck on a nice day. The view is amazing. The SAM Sculpture park is nice also. The next thing on my list is to go to The Center for Wooden Boats (it is next to MOAB)and go on a boat ride in a really old wooden boat and pretend I am a pirate. :)

  2. Do the Say Anything driving tour! http://seattlest.com/2008/08/18/7_astounding_yet_true_facts_about_s.php

  3. (^ just came across this . Sure I know some places near Seattle. I live in Ballard with my wife and child. Golden gardens is walking distance from my home.. Carkeek park might be good. If you'd care to meet Bruce Bickford just give me a call. He lives closer to Seatak tho. Off the I 5 near Kent des Moines exit. His garage is worth a gander. > Brian Prosser. Just ask for my phone number and bring yer friend unless you are no longer in the area. ( nice bit on fangasm btw)

  4. Oh, OkCupid! Bringing geeks together from coast to coast! I met my fellow geek on OkCupid back in August after a month of Doctor Who messaging back and forth and we just celebrated the 50th Anniversary together! Thanks for bravely admitting your OkCupid success story!

    Meghan Sara

    1. Aw, congrats on your happiness! Gregg actually dumped me a couple months back, so I'm a little jaded now, ha.


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