Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cosplay Saved my Life: The Video Blog

Body dysmorphia is something I have always struggled with. It was destroying my life... until I started cosplaying. I decided to share my story with this raw, personal video blog. Please watch and subscribe to my channel! And share your own stories with me in the comments - I'd love to hear from you.


  1. You are awesome and rad and beautiful!

    I am contemplating my first cosplay next month. I had it as a goal for the year on my blog, but I'm suddenly afraid I'll wimp out.

  2. I loved this video.
    I cosplayed for 2.5 years and it started out fun but gradually the pressure to be thin and cosplay got to me so I quit before it got worse.
    I dont have body dysmorphia but I do have binge eating disorder and having that while being a cosplayer is not something people really praise.
    So I let that get to me but in the end it was the best because I have been a happier me since quitting. I can now go to cons and enjoy them as a regular ol' person in civvies and walk the con floor without getting stopped and hearing snarky comments about how my friends who cosplay are better looking than me because I'm fat.

    I am learning to accept my body for what it is and I am an avid promoter of body positivity!
    Thanks for sharing your story, Molly :D

  3. Great video and cosplay changed my life too: I had almost no friends, some people were bullying me at school and I suffered of anxiety because I had no self-confidence. It was like hell to go to school. The only moments I was feeling good were when I was playing video games at my home. When I discovered cosplay, I wanted to look like and to become the characters I liked. My mom taught me how to sew and it quickly became a talent and a passion for me. So I gradually got a better self-confidence: I liked my costumes and I was able to appreciate my body. People on the internet and at conventions liked my work too, so I discovered I could do something great in my life and I had no reason to feel worse than everyone.

  4. Really like how you share this to everyone and I think it's great you found a way to channel to make yourself feel better! :D

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    cassandra xx

  5. You're beautiful Molly. I wish I could have been an intern with you for Comicon. Ever since I seen you on Fangasm, I just fell in love with your witty funny remarks and I loved your outfits. I bet you would be an awesome Princess Leia, oh hell, you would look beautiful in anything you wear. Glad Display saved you because you have so much going for you. Hope we meet some day. Love you ! <3

  6. Hi Molly!

    You are awesome, & I love the show!

    I'm really enjoying everyone on Fangasm, & I'm glad that the show has set a different tone than "Heroes of Cosplay".

    However, something you said in the first episode concerned me, & I wanted to make you aware of the issue; I know that you did not mean anything malicious. I am aware of the 'cosplay does not equal consent movement', & I'm a big fan of the Doubleclick's song & video, "Nothing to Prove". I understand how hard it is sometimes for geek women to get respect. So I agree with your viewpoints on these issues, & I was sorry to see that the guys didn't seem to get it. Also, from both your statements on the show & your video (which I absolutely loved!), you are aware of body image & self-esteem issues. However, the first thing we see you say to Dani is, "Oh my god; You're so tiny!"

    Our society values height from a very young age. Study after study show that (especially for men, but also for women) short people do not get the same respect, job pay, position, etc. Dani may embrace her "tinyness", right now, but it's still hard for many short people, & we're constantly reminded just how short we are. I'm over 50 & about a half inch under 5 feet, & I can't begin to explain how hurtful it is that my height is the first thing that people notice. I could write pages to you on this, but I really just want you to be aware that many shorter have self-esteem issues. Watch how often people in customer service will automatically notice and attend to people who are taller. Girls/women look at taller guys as partners... Upper management people tend to be taller than average... There are many studies out there, & I guarantee that most people in the average, above average, or tall categories would not like to trade their height and become short.

    As I mentioned earlier, I loved your video. What a great message for people of all shapes, sizes, & ages to just go ahead & have fun cosplaying. I've been trying to get the courage to cosplay, but I was discouraged after seeing someone else get disparaged on Facebook for being "too old & too overweight" to cosplay. Someone actually took a picture of this woman just to mock her.

    My husband & I have been to Dragoncon the last two years, but never in costume. Maybe next year will be my year! :)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, & good luck in whatever you do! I hope that you understand why I felt compelled to write you... Just trying to raise awareness. :)

    1. I think this is an awesome point! I have a coworker who is 4'9" that has said very similar things. I really hate when people automatically use the word "cute" to describe her, even with the fact that she is a well respected women in her mid-40s.

      But, as a lady of above average height, I feel like the need to defend tall women as well! Especially since it's something I've been thinking about for a while too.
      I'm 5'9" (which I realize isn't really THAT tall) and I have a friend who is 6'0". A topic we've talked about a lot is how we wish we were shorter. We're both built rather a lot like Molly, with curves to go along with our height, and, while I can't speak for my friend, I'm self conscious of my height above most other things. I've heard a lot of comments about how weird it is that my boyfriend is 5'8" and I feel like a beast when I wear heels. In fact, It's safe to say I'm afraid to wear heels. In a society that, like you said, expects the man to be the taller person in a relationship, it's just hard to feel comfortable. It automatically makes me feel more masculine, which I've had a really hard time with.

      Like I said, I think you bring up a really good point, I just wanted to raise awareness on the tall end, too!


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