Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NYCC 2013: Cosplay

This year at New York Comic-con I took a surprisingly lack of cosplay pics. For a girl who generally amasses nearly 500 photographs a convention, my SD card was shockingly sparse by the end of this weekend. However, there's some reasons for that.

  1. The red carpet that Reed Pop just LOVES TO USE makes everything look terrible. TERRIBLE, I TELLS YA.
  2. I was walking around with 3 of the other Fangasm cast. We were being stopped for photos constantly. It was hard to take photographs of my own!

However, I did the best I could and here are the snaps of some of my favorite cosplay that I saw. There were a few I REALLY wanted to photograph (like the Breaking Bad cosplay!!), but they were surrounded by too many people or I didn't have time to stop.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my snapshots from my nightlife and NYC adventures.

What about you guys? What was your favorite NYCC cosplay you saw, in person or online?


  1. You grabbed some of my favorites! That Gollum cosplay turned up nearly everywhere I turned, and he was incredibly unsettling in person. There was a Kaylee Frye who looked perfect, damn near like she had walked right out of "Firefly."

  2. Oh my goodness!~ The Professor Layton and Luke, MADE MY DAY! That is pretty awesome!


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