Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Sparkly Life in Instagram: NYCC 2013

Bathroom selfies right before a redeye flight, on which I did not sleep a wink.

Immediately upon reaching our hotel, we had to take weird pictures of the Fangasm crew. It's just how these things work. // Reunited with my beautiful, perfect, wonderful bff Kristin. <3 // The NYCC Fangasm crew on Thursday! // Regina gave us all little Stan Lee Pop! Figures! AHH!

Kristin and I with the beautiful Ashley Eckstein of Star Wars & Her Universe fame! // Drunk selfies with Regina. We were channeling Miley Cyrus? // CHOCOBROS!! // Our AMAZING fan Pattie made the Fangasm ladies these insanely awesome Darth Vader rings. THANK YOU, PATTIE!!
Sexy Professor Layton. One of the best things I've ever seen. // Obsessed with my new limited edition undead Alpaca plush from Tasty Peach Studios! // The new Psylocke statue from Kotobukiya is so beautiful that I don't even know what to do with myself. // Visiting Endor with Kristin.

I NEED THEM ALL. The non colored prototypes for the rest of the Sailor Scouts were there, too. UUUGH.

Champagne toasts and Regina smelling Kristin's hair. That was a bizarre running theme throughout the convention... // Morning selfies as I procrastinated. // Super Best Friends Forever Poison Ivy statue by Lauren Faust! She was an NYCC Exclusive and I'm so happy to have her - she looks amazing by my SBFF exclusives from SDCC. // Not only did I find an Ah! My Goddess statue (I love that anime), it was absolutely stunning. Need.

We got to see our lord and master Stan Lee again for the first time since we filmed Fangasm. He is always so amazing and gracious.

Last day selfies with my Kristin. I miss her already :-( // Bonnie!!! // With Jill and Kristin, two of the most amazing geek ladies I know. // And finally... reading material for the flight home!

Photo dump time! I just returned home from New York Comic-con on Sunday and I am predictably afflicted with convention plague (gives me an excuse to play a LOT of Pokemon X, though!). The trip was amazing - I met so many great people and saw a bunch of old friends. I abused my liver and had a lot of laughs, got some good toys, and fell in love with NYC all over again. It was probably one of the best NYC trips I've had - convention or otherwise.

The real SLR photographs will be up later this week (I have to edit them first!), but for now here's the snaps from my phone over the weekend.

Who went to NYCC? Did you enjoy yourself?


  1. Been watching you on SyFy's Fangasm.... okay, that sounds almost stalker-ish. Anyway, a fan and find it refreshing that you are smart, bold and brassy. And when you smile... well, makes me wish I was 30 years younger since I was a nerd/geek long long before it was 'cool'. Keep being you (and don't forget to smile once in a while!).

  2. Sexy Professor Layton and Sexy Luke kill me. So hilariously inappropriate!


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