Monday, November 11, 2013

Convention Style: Aki-con 2013

Galaxy Skirt: Romwe // Tanktop: Thrifted // Hat: H&M // Jacket: Love Culture // Boots: JustFab // Jewelry: eBay

Yet another backlogged convention style outfit post. This outfit is from my time at Aki-con a couple of weekends ago. Things are FINALLY kind of calming down in my life - next weekend I have a wedding to attend in Idaho (one of my dearest friends is getting married!) and the weekend after that I decided to run off to Austin for fun and sunshine and good food. However, now that things are calming down I'm feeling really... confused and anxious about my future.

I thought that Fangasm would open all of these doors for me. I suppose that was just wishful thinking on my part - Reality TV rarely gets Jersey Shore huge. I wouldn't take the experience back for the world, but I'm still working my soul sucking day job and now I don't know where I'm going from here. I'm sure I'll figure it out, but lately I've just felt anxious and uncertain!

I do know some things: I won't stop until I get what I want (ultimate goal: Have my own Geek-centric Sitcom!). I have been talking to Kristin about potential awesome things we are doing in the future. I am booking cons for 2014 appearances, so at least I'll be out and about signing autographs and saying hello to all of you. And... I'm trying really hard to move to Los Angeles, because I think that's where I need to be right now. But everything is just so uncertain, argh!

Enough bitching. I love this outfit: it's comfy and cute. I also may own too many galaxy printed things. I may have a problem. I JUST WANT TO BE THE COSMOS SO CARL SAGAN WILL LOVE ME.

PS: Like those ridiculous outtakes? I have a hard time taking most things seriously.


  1. Molly,
    Hope all of your dreams come true. Keep swinging for the fences.

  2. Dear Molly,

    I LOVE the outfit! And the skirt is a must have on my list! And I enjoyed the picture with the kids, its so cute it made laugh! Best wishes on all your goals and dreams! I know how it feels when you want to achieve things but feel kinda lost and unsure (I'm in the same position myself) I'm not always optimistic but I find looking on the bright side helps a lot! Again best of luck and I hope to see more of you on the small screen and cons!

    Love Nemo

  3. Hey Molly,
    You are a determined, hardworking, strong woman. You've got your life ahead of you. Worry do not, you're gonna make it.
    Just keep on going.
    (And let me audition as a screenwriter for that sitcom in your future hahaha)

  4. Fine look! I love your boots and a hat!

  5. I like your black jacket! COOL!!!

  6. Ohhh your blog is beautiful and I love your style! So glad I found you through the Style Gallery! That galaxy print is so great. AND HOLY HELL I just realized why you look so familiar! Girl, you are awesome! I loved you on the show! I totally understand what you mean about feeling stuck/anxious about the future... I'm an actor and am stuck living at home for a while, financially, and it's not where I need to be for my career... so I hear ya! Just hang in there and keep looking forward :)

    xox Sammi

  7. Loved your pictures! Ahh I need that jacket, I've been looking for one like that for ages and that one is just perfect!
    Oh and I see what you mean about anxiousity about the future, I'm in the same boat... Its just hard to pick what I wanna do with my life as I'm still do young, and I'm always afraid to fail 'what if I'm not good enough?'... But just try not to think about future so much and it will be alright!

    Would you like to follow each other? I'd love to! Just head to my blog and follow, and I will follow right back :)

  8. nice look

  9. u look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter


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