Thursday, November 14, 2013

Website Review: Geeks Raising Geeks

I've been involved in the Geek World nearly my entire life, and I've been going to cons for six or seven years at this point (holy crow!!). One of the most charming trends I have seen is that... geeks are breeding!! The tiny ewoks and Batmans running around make my ovaries hurt, make me dream up a million costumes for tiny humans if I ever decide to procreate. It's painfully precious.

I'd never say that I'm necessarily a FAN of babies. My brother and I are close enough in age that I don't really remember him as a baby, and most of my friends haven't started having children yet. To be honest, children kind of freak me out. I'm not the kind of girl who sees babies and starts cooing... UNLESS THEY'RE IN COSTUME.

That's why I'm a huge advocate for this awesome website called Geeks Raising Geeks. As a geeky social advocate, it's so wonderful to see such a great resource for the parents, aunts, uncles and friends of young geeky children. They tackle so many great things on their website, from education to downright hilarious. I especially love how INCLUSIVE they are; for example they recently posted an article on how to raise a Football fan. What?! Way to crash all social misconceptions in one fell swoop, Geeks Raising Geeks!! Let's SEE those geeks raise jocks, YEAH!

And back to the topic of tiny cosplay... They are also running an AWESOME Halloween costume contest right now! Just submit your kid's/your family's Halloween outfits for a chance to win NEVERENDING GLORY... and a $50 credit for Check it out here!

I demand that all of you enter so I have more adorable tiny human cosplay to cry over. I must live vicariously through you, as there are no children in my life that I can throw in mini Skyrim armor!!

Seriously, check out this website. Support it, share it, love it. I actually genuinely believe that what they're doing is super great, and I know if I ever decide to have a non four legged child I'll be happy there's resources like this.

(This post was sponsored by, but I truly believe in this website! Full disclosure for you lovelies.)

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  1. Sounds like a pretty cool site! Gonna check it out for my nephew ;)
    And I would like to add: I think that "Raising a football fan" article is cool, since you don't need to be a jock to love football. I adore the game and am a die-hard GB Packers fan... and I'm a full-time geek ;)


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