Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cosplay: Arpakassos (Sakura-con 2013)

Well, this is a thing we do now.

I'm in some serious depression right now. It's been diagnosed as... POST CON DEPRESSION. (badumtsh)

Sakura-con last weekend was amazing. I saw a lot of friends from out of town, did awesome cosplay all three days (My Evil Queen was a WILD success - I can't wait until I get my photoshoot pictures back to post!)

On Sunday my waifu Sarah Hiraki and I decided to dress up like Arpakassos - those adorable little alpaca plushies that are all the rage in Japan right now. We started out with two matching dresses we found for only $10 at Ross. I dyed mine (I was trying to make it mint but it turned out blue - oh well!), and Sarah embroidered the little faces onto them. She also made our adorable ears - that look a bit like Persocom ears (from Chobits!). I'm not complaining - persocoms are adorable.

Then we found matching shoes in different colors at Forever 21, threw on some cute wigs and belts and accessories... and we were suddenly super uguu~ alpacas.

It was really fun. It was a comfy, nice cosplay to wear around on Sunday while we went shopping (best find: Japanese sex art from Stasia Burrington!), and a surprising amount of people stopped us for our photographs and knew what we were. At one point a bizarre man approached us and said "Now do the cat thing!" and we had to pose with our hands in fists on the sides of our cheeks while going "Nyaaaa~". Anime conventions are bizarre. <3

I can't wait to do more super cute cosplay with Sarah, and to see all of you at upcoming cons!

(The amazing Lady Une is my dear friend Sonja)

What about you, unicorns? Did any of you go to Sakura-con? What were your highlights?


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