Thursday, April 11, 2013

Outfit #60: Bunny Tea Time

Dress c/o eShakhti // Leather Jacket: Love Culture // Boots: Litas by Jeffrey Campbell // Hat: H&M // Donut Earrings c/o Zoozim // Teapot Necklace c/o Color Me Kawaii

Ahhh unicorns, these last few days have been ALL over the place for me. I had some business to attend to out of town so I've been popping around on planes for the last few days. I've had very little sleep and there's craters under my eyes but I wanted to get this blog post up before I go take an epic nap!

This entire outfit just delights me to no end. I didn't even mean to, but I ended up making a whimsical, springtime "tea time" theme!

First of all: THE DRESS. I was contacted by this wonderful website called EShakhti. They wanted to see if I would review one of their dresses. A new frock? Of course I agreed! But it wasn't until I began to peruse their website that I found the true awesomeness of this company: THEY MAKE ALL OF THE DRESSES FOR YOUR MEASUREMENTS. What?! As a tall girl with HUGE hips and a tiny waist, this seemed like some sort of godsend to me. SO, after I fell head over heels with this bunny dress (IT'S BUNNIES!!!!), I entered my measurements and customized the length before finally placing my order.

The quality of this dress is amazing. It arrived VERY quickly, it's perfectly tailored to my body, the fabric is high quality and the stitching is incredible. I'm very, very impressed and having a dress tailored to my measurements just made me feel like a rockstar. I REALLY suggest you check it out if - like me - you have "non traditional" body proportions.

And now let's move onto the jewelry. I've been a long time coming making an outfit post with these adorable donut earrings and cute little teapot necklace, but I've worn them a ton and received MANY compliments. I think that tiny food ANYTHING is so cute, so I'm dying over my cute little "tea time" accessories. Both shops have lots of kitschy, kawaii accessories so you should probably go check them out.

Anyway, I'm off to nap for the next ten years. Bye!


  1. I love the cute bunny print on your dress! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  2. cute accessories!

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  3. That bunny print dress is just adorable.


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