Thursday, October 3, 2013

Convention Style: PAX Prime 2013 [Saturday]

Dress: Don't remember! >.< (Similar) // Denim Vest c/o Choies (Similar) // Flower Headband: Bunny Farm (Similar) // Boots: Thrifted (Similar) // Pokemon Badges: RedditGifts Exchange // Other badges: Cons/anime stores in LA // Death Note Necklace: eBay (Buy here) // Unicorn Necklace (Similar) // Animal Ear Ring: eBay (Similar) // CTRL Ring: Gift from my friend Tara

Welcome to a new "thing" I'll be adding to the Geeky Peacock - documenting my outfits on a daily basis at cons! I have a real challenge dressing for conventions because I LIVE in super huge heels (not good for walking around cons), and styling around comfortable shoes is difficult for me. However, I always try to look as fashionable as possible if I'm out of cosplay, and I decided I really need to start documenting this!

Originally I intended to begin this feature during SDCC, but I was so incredibly busy having a blast the entire time that I never took a moment to throw my camera at someone and ask them to snap some pictures. The same thing happened here - I went to PAX Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but only got outfit pics Saturday. However, I have NYCC next week and I'm going to make my dearest Kristin photograph my outfits every day! MUAHA!

It's been awhile since I've blogged, hasn't it? I've been incredibly busy dealing with the insanity (the AWESOME insanity!) that has happened since Fangasm aired last week!! I am having SUCH a blast reading everyone's responses to it. Did you guys watch it? What did you think? And what do YOU wear at conventions?


  1. Looking good girl! Have fun!

  2. Love the show. I dress as comfortable as possible but still look decent at cons! I dig cosplay but haven't myself yet. just gotta find the character that fits me.

  3. I watched Fangasm! I can't believe it's made by the same producers as Jersey Shore. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. It even made me cry happy tears.

  4. Your hair is sooooo amazing!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. I just watched it on the syfy website, so great! Oh man, I'm pretty not into most reality tv shows but I really enjoyed watching you on there and how supportive you all seemed of each other. Even when there was competition, ya'll ended up being supportive of each other which is a nice change from the "I'm not here to make friends" scenario. Loved it, loved you making your thoughts and positions on feminism and the geek world a part of your being on there, so great. I'm looking forward to watching more episodes :) And oh my goodness that CTRL ring is freaking awesome! The whole outfit is, really, but that caught my eye immediately.

  6. You look amazing.But you appear to have a Ziggs creeping up behind you!

  7. Love your style!! You're so cute:D

  8. Greetings from Perú!
    I just found your blog. I used to be an otaku too, now I'm trying to get back on track, cosplaying is my frustrated dream but you just inspired me to (finally) start. Thank you!


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