Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: GelaSkins for Nintendo 3DS and Xbox 360

This is one of the reviews I'm most excited about doing!! As a total gamer and tech fiend who also loves cute things, it always bothers me when my devices are looking boring and lackluster. I recently got a Nintendo 3DS (my friend code is 1177-7589-8089 if anyone wants to play with me!) and it has been fastened to my side since the moment I tore it from its packaging. But it was just so... so... boring!

So I reached out to GelaSkins, a website I have been eyeing for quite some time due to their highly customizable skins for devices of literally EVERY kind (you can even put in the dimensions of your laptop and get a skin made for it!) They let me design two skins for review: one for my Nintendo 3DS and one for my Xbox.

I had a BLAST making the skins. Their creator is very easy to use. I used stock images of galaxies that had been run through pastel overlays and the gif art of one of my favorite artists, MissJediFlip.

The result was simply delightful, just as bright and kawaii as the inside of my brain. I received the skins yesterday and wasted no time sticking them on my devices - it was very easy and they have cut outs in all the PERFECT places.

I seriously recommend GelaSkins for all of your future device cute-ifying needs!


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